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Fresh Dinosaurs is a brand originating from Majorca - a beautiful island in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. The sea surroundings have a positive influence on the designers who, inspired by nature, create collections adored by children for beautiful prints and patterns and great colors. 

The brand name is not and accident. The word 'fresh' means that each new collection is a new inspiration, so that the motifs are not repeated and that each new season introduces something new to the children's world. 'Dinosaurs' refers to animals that lived a long time ago and is meant to evoke the past so that parents who buy clothes for their children remember their own childhood. Fresh Dinosaurs is therefore a tribute to both children and adults. Every Fresh Dinosaurs collection is, however, consistent with the main values of the brand: brilliant fun, joy, and a great respect for nature. All products are carefully made in such a way that the child does not feel uncomfortable. Fresh Dinosaurs is a great solution for busy children who love to play.


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