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First collection of the 1 + IN THE FAMILY brand was created in 2012 and it happened at the same time as Bruna was born - niece of Gemma Mases, the founder. Gemma, mum of three and an experienced designer, for many years has been fascinated by the kids fashion. Starting a business was inspired by the courage of her sister and the decision of having a kid on her own. Gemma felt a drive to follow her dream and to create 1 + IN THE FAMILY brand, which means awaiting new family member.

The brand offers kids clothing for the age starting from 1 to 48 months old. The fabrics are what’s most important for Gemma, when creating new collections. Her biggest passion is searching for new textures and the softest fabrics. After all, they are the closest thing to the soft little baby skin. 1 + IN THE FAMILY pays attention to the quality of the fabrics used in the collections. Thanks to that, exceptional and beautiful clothing lines are born and stylish looks can be created.

Natural vibe and design’ simplicity play an important role in Gemma’s collections, same as the nobility of the fabrics. Clothes coming from 1 + IN THE FAMILY brand are simple, functional and comfortable. Soft sweatshirts, knitted leggings or fleece jumpsuits cuddle the little baby, as if mother’s shoulders do. Neutral, warm and dusty colours, which create beautiful palette of every brands’ collection, are in play here. Dusty pink, different shades of grey, beige and mustard colours make it easy to create clothing for the little one, with a bit of retro style in it.

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