List of products by brand April Showers

The Parisian brand polder was created in 2000 by two sisters of Dutch origin, Madelon Lanteri-Laura and Natalie Vodegel.  In 2007, they presented their first kids collection for girls from 4 to 14, april showers by polder, at the playtime fair in Paris. 

Since the beginning, handmade work, which adds a specific and handcrafted value, has a great importance in all their collections. The shapes are very pure and the work is focused on the research for prints and materials, the colors and finish aim at creating a visually strong and acknowledgeable product. Today, polder and april showers by polder are sold in 300 points of sale in France and around the world. In May 2011, they opened their first polder shop in Paris. In July 2012, they launched their first clothing collection for women.


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