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Baby towels are the most important element of a baby's bath - that's why it is very important to choose the highest-quality products from the best materials, because the baby's skin is very delicate - you will find towels from the well-known brand NUMERO 74 - it creates beautiful, soft towels with a hood and, or with an overlap on the head - all in subdued colors, and most importantly, they keep the baby warm and warm the body after bathing. Your little one will love them. Taking care of the warmth and comfort of your little ones - the offer also includes bathrobes - ponchos in 7 beautiful, also subdued colors, made of 100% cotton. Unique towels for babies, towels for newborns with a hood and bathrobes will ensure maximum joy, pleasure and safety for children during each bath. In our offer you will also find bathroom equipment (and not only). When you reach for mirrors in Miss Lemonade, you have the possibility to freely shape the space, thanks to unique shapes or optical enlargement of the interior. design and colors - they are very elegant, have unusual shapes and, most importantly, are made of the highest quality glass, wonderful wicker lamps will surely add a warm, cozy charm to the bathroom and other rooms. Another brand that creates amazing accessories for you is FERM LIVING and NUMERO 74 - we have beautiful baskets for you to store, for example, dirty clothes in the bathroom, or smaller baskets in original shapes, where you will find space for e.g. cosmetics or spare hand towels.

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