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Miss Lemonade is a store that was created out of love for beauty - unique clothing, toys and home decor items. We believe that thanks to them, childhood passes in an even more special atmosphere. After all, a sense of aesthetics is formed from an early age. We want those years to be unforgettable and happy for your son. Perfectly designed objects - created from excellent materials and carefully made - will certainly contribute to this. Thinking about your little boy, we have prepared a unique selection of baby boy fashion.

Your (and our) beloved brands

The products that we pick for our store come from a collection of unusual brands. These are niche brands from children's fashion that put their heart and soul to create everything. The collections of each one of our producers have their own unique, recognizable style, and excellent quality clothing. Designers of these brands focus on unusual design and natural materials, and all their products are created with the utmost attention to detail. Fall in love with Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Babe & Tess, Rylee and Cru, The Animals Observatory, Konges Slojd, Quincy Mae, Wynken, Maed for Mini and many other brands.

Fashionable toddler's wardrobe

The basis of baby outifts are body and rompers. These comfortable overalls softly embrace your child's body and do not restrict their movements. They can be the basis of everyday sets - just put on a sweatshirt or cardigan and a fashionable look is ready for your toddler. Bloomers and shorts are other items that just have to be in your little one's closet. Every day you will also need comfortable blouses and t-shirts, which change frequently, depending on the circumstances. On cold days, don't forget about a warm sweater, coat or jacket, and in summer - of course, swimming trunks! Stylish propositions for babies are waiting in our online store.

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