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Hurray! Finally holidays! Carefree fun with other kids, splashing in the warm sea and summer madness by the pool in the garden. Every toddler is happy for this joyful time. Perhaps this is your son's first holiday trip? Or maybe you are just going to a nearby pool to get some rest from the heat, relax and have fun? One thing is certain: swimsuits are a must. Miss Lemonade comes to the rescue and offers unique designs straight from the best children's brands.

No boring days!

What is the most important thing in a holiday outfit? Originality! Colors! Ideas! During the summer, everyone wants a bit of fashion madness. Juicy colors, unusual prints and truly summer motifs work out. Swimwear covered in cat-mermaids? Why not. The Swedish brand Mini Rodini that charmed us with this proposition, is famous for eye-catching prints. The fairy-tale swimsuits are covered with smiling mermaids and those slightly bored, accompanied by colorful fish straight from the tropics. This pattern is number one in the category of prints that stimulate the lazy, holiday imagination.

Tailor-made to the holiday adventures

Cat sirens are not everything. Mini Rodini also proposes seahorses with manes that many a Hollywood singer can envy them. Do you prefer flora over fauna? You may be tempted by blue swimming trunks with one very cheeky banana devoted to holiday relaxation. Thrill lovers of tropical adventures will love the shorts with a sea monster, smoking volcanoes and exotic palm trees. The most unique boys' swimming trunks for babies are waiting for you in our online store. But... which one to decide on?

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