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Since 2003, when Alma Llenas was born, until today, our only mission has been to preserve the essence of artisan baby clothes.  In-house design, 100% natural fibres, cotton and merino wool, beautiful delicate colour, a mix of tradition and modernity. Hand made. Character.  Born in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona with a clear vision of design inspired in "retro chic", Alma Llenas is the result of the work of a small team with diverse ideas, which when brought together produce our beatiful designs. Where to find us. Our products are available in the best spanish and some european and american baby boutiques. Unique clothes, pure  artisan pieces inspired by and designed for the little people who will wear them from the very first stitch.

Sweterek kaszmir i angora Alma Llenas Baby clothing
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Baby clothing

Sweterek kaszmir i angora

Alma Llenas
Alma Llenas
PLN41.70 PLN139.00
Thick knitted sweater. Fasten on buttons. color: sea-green materials: 35% viscose, 33% australian sopher, 20% soft nylon, 7% angora, 5% cashmere
3M 6M 12M
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