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The Beach People was founded in Australia in the summer of 2013 by the sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie. Inspired by family, friends and seaside lifestyle, they decided to create their first original collection consisting of round towels.


Patterns presented on the products are designed by artists who based on sisters’ stories. As a result, each product has a unique pattern and presents a different story. Subdued colors, mainly white, blue and black refer to the theme of the beach and the sea. All The Beach People products are of the highest quality. Designed with customers in mind, their textiles are made with the finest materials, are easy to wash and use.

Round Hooded Poncho white - The Beach People Round Hooded Poncho white - The Beach People  2
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Round Hooded Poncho white

The Beach People
The Beach People
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Great poncho towel from The Beach People! This poncho is perfect solution to protect kids from wind, sun or snuggle them after play into waves.The towel is made of very soft cotton and emblazoned with woven jacquard patterns. One side has soft and velour top and the other one has reverse for dying. Color: white, navyFabric: 100% soft cottonMeasurements:...
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