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The brand was born in Belgium in 1989. What were the brand’ goals? Inspire to create your own, individual look, without dictating the right rules. It is a lifestyle company, which means the clothes are not the only thing that can be found there. Bellerose has shoes, lingerie, jewellery, accessories, from socks to bags, and interior design decoration in its offer. At Miss Lemonade you can find the teen clothing proposals coming from the Bellerose.

There is no space for imperfections in the Belgian collections coming from the brand. The designers pay close attention to fabrics chosen for the Bellerose clothes. The quality of the fabrics is as important as their innovative character. The brand is inspired by the vintage style clothing, but they also look for the novelties and innovations in fashion. Attention to details plays an important role as well. Details, in designers’ opinion, talk about the style and can make you fall in love with the particular object. Original trim, contrast lining or embroidered in not so obvious place logo are the elements, which make Bellerose brand something very special.

Nonchalance is what Bellerose brand is famous for, even if attention to every detail is present in each collection. The highest quality - yes, but perfection is boring. Designers from Bellerose play with styles, mixing serious inspirations in the products. They encourage us to look at fashion with a pinch of salt and not to be afraid of the eclecticism. They come from Brussels after all - the city of the diversity and creativity. As they say themselves, it plays a huge role in their designs. What is the most important in Bellerose style is passion, authenticity and craft, the more appealing, the better.

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