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House Doctor combines Scandinavian simplicity with unusual ideas. It is a brand offering numerous decorations and furniture that will help give every interior an amazing look as well as evoking feelings of harmony and peace. House Doctor products mostly feature muted colours, mainly white, grey and beige. 

Precise manufacture and the use of unusual materials are typical for the brand. Many of the House Doctor products are made of metal, stoneware or plant fibres. Wonderful white flower pots and vases perfectly fit into any interior. Sets of baskets made of marine plant fibres and wooden ladders are ideally suited to a bohemian-style interior. Modern interiors will be complemented with metal baskets, racks, and wall organisers. House Doctor offers many opportunities to transform your interior into a more atmospheric and attractive space, and a guarantee that everyone will feel special in their home. The brand also produces accessories for women such as handbags and aprons.

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