Danish company Bloomingville was established in Denmark and quickly became one of the most popular international brands focused on high quality furniture and home and garden appliances production. Bloomingville is mainly about simple form, functionality and unusual design which creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Each new collection is created in accordance with the idea to mix and adjust various shapes and colours and by this refresh the room and create a unique style.

Bloomingville MINI collections made specifically for children, are particularly interesting. Parents who want to teach their children to recognise beauty and care about interior design details, know that it's best to start with the children's room – children's kingdom. Bloomingville MINI creates the opportunity to choose from a variety of stylish and beautiful items, which will satisfy everyone, even the most picky kid. The collection includes fabrics, tableware, toys and other essential kid's room accessories – all in subtle Scandinavian style.

The collection includes everything that's needed to decorate a children's room. Soft cotton pillows in red, pink, brown or gray. Bedspreads and blankets made from warm wool in shades of brown and gray. Carpets made from different fabrics. Depending on the need, we can choose between a natural hemp carpet, a round seagrass one or a multicolour, universal polyester carpet which can be used in any corner of the house.

Bloomingville MINI collection also includes remarkable tableware. It consists of small individual plates shaped into blue clouds and white rabbits or a set in original, irregular shapes decorated with images of happy animals. There are classic, round plates too with drawings of more funny animals doing circus tricks. Cups in sizes perfect for little hands in subtle pastel colours with distinct drawings of mice, rabbits or squirrels. In the bottom of the blue bowl there is a small hedgehog hiding, while a little deer lives in the purple one. The selection of plates, cups, glasses and bowls is so wide, that it will let any picky eater complete his or her stylish tableware. Subtle colours and common theme of the happy animals make all the elements fit together well and available to mix. Clay, glass, melamine, pottery, bamboo – diverse selection of materials used for production guarantees that every parent will find a perfect set for their child.

The company offers more accessories which make the stay in the children's kingdom even better. Paper garlands, rabbit-shaped wooden shelves, baskets for valuables made of seagrass or illuminated garlands with hanging star- or snowflake-shaped decorative elements will make any room feel more modern, while wooden teddy bear-shaped bowling pins will work great during fun and games with friends.

Bloomingville is a brand for demanding parents and their children who are looking for beautiful items for their kingdom. Make your dreams about a beautiful home come true and visit our store.


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