The Liv Interior brand was created in 2005 by Tina and Asad Mirza. Tina, a graphic designer from Denmark, and Assad, born in Pakistan, form a cultural mix, the reflection of which can be found in their projects. The goal of the brand is to create beautiful, hand-made and environmentally friendly objects bound by a common history. “Liv” is a Danish word for “life”. Discover the world of liv interior and bring life to your home.

The latest collection, prepared for the spring/summer season of 2018, is primarily comprised of textiles, but also ceramics, baskets, carpets and lampshades.  A special place in the collection is reserved for curtains and various types of velvet cushions. This extremely noble fabric was invented in India in the 12th century. From the very beginning it has been used for sewing representational costumes for the aristocracy and clergy. Today, velvet can be found in the collections of the largest fashion houses. Interior decorators also use this noble fabric for their modern projects. Velvet invariably associates itself with refinement, luxury and glamor. Thanks to its beautiful shimmering quality, it brings itself into the foreground of any interior design, which is why it fits in perfectly with the minimalist and subdued Scandinavian style. The balance between elegant accents and the simplicity of furniture, together with calmer colours, is the foundation of an elegant interior. 

Liv Interior offers beautiful, handcrafted velvet cushions, for which environmentally friendly cotton is used. Round velvet cushion in graphite, blue teal or cream colour will be a great decorative element, as well as a comfortable cushion to rest a head on or to sit on the floor. The chair cushion in light grey, plum or graphite will perfectly harmonize with a wooden chair. Sofa in the salon can be refined by adding velvet pillowcases in burgundy, light purple or subdued blue, all finished with decorative fringes. 

New are the velvet floor pillows. They are a great alternative to armchairs or chairs and are perfect for a children's room, for sitting and playing on the floor. The poufs have a sewn-in handle, which allows for easy carrying from one place to another. They are available in the following colours: emerald, graphite, blue and ochre.

Noteworthy are also velvet curtains, which, when hung in the bedroom, will make the interior look both elegant and cosy. An incredible Feathers mirror decorated with brass-coloured feathers, together with cotton bedspreads, perfectly complements the elegance of an interior.

Bring life to your home and surround yourself with exquisite velvet objects by visiting our store.


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