Mrs. Mighetto is a Swedish brand launched by Anna Sylvan and Malin Mighetto in 2014. It mainly deals with creating prints, posters and wallpapers as well as home decor accessories and decorations for children rooms.

Mrs. Mighetto is a Swedish brand launched by Anna Sylvan and Malin Mighetto in 2014. It mainly deals with creating prints, posters and wallpapers as well as home decor accessories and decorations for children rooms.

The first poster was created spontaneously, almost by coincidence, and was so inspiring that the designers decided to show it to the world; that's how their idea became reality. The drawings became paintings, the characters were named and endowed with magical personallities, the word started to take action...

The first collection of Mrs. Mighetto called 'Superheroes' sold out in two weeks. Currently, Mrs. Mighetto collections are sold in over 20 countries in about 150 stores. Despite immense popularity of the brand, quality remains Mrs. Mighetto's number one priority. The posters are printed with watercolors on a high quality paper.  Each collection of posters is a limited edition, and once they are sold out they are never printed again. Usually the prints are available only for about six months. Each of the characters featured in Mrs. Mighetto's collection has its secret and history. Here are some examples:

Miss Bella 

The elder sister Bella is loyal, pensive and generous. She almost never disturbs anybody, she is an attentive listener and she had a loud laugh. Bella is very much like her brother Bill, and she was born with the same ability to see the future, however unlike him Bella can also affect the forthcoming events, although only to a very small degree.

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill is used to living in a forgotten place. His mission is more important than his location. He has a gift of seeing the future, which is why he can make the best decisions. His friends usually joke, that he came from another epoch, but maybe that is actually true...

Miss Emma

Emma is an expert in cotton candy. She will only share her magical cotton candy with few selected people. Those are the people who have very important missions and who need to see things with fresh eyes. Magical cotton candy removes memories which can reduce the willingness to engage in adventure and make the traveler miss the most important things.  

Miss Della

Stars shine on the ceiling and glitter falls on the brown curls of Miss Della. She dances to soft sounds and her firm soul fills the room. Time stands still when Miss Della shares her magic - tonight she is shine and butterflies. Everyone is here and now. Love conquers all. Della was born with cerebral palsy. It was diagnosed before her birth. Della understands and feels, but was never able to talk or walk. Miss Della's time with her parents is limited. Her time with her siblings is limited, too. Miss Della is one of thousands of children who are born with various disorders. She is a symbol for families who are constantly worried about their sick child but who most of all live by indescribable love for their greatest wonder.

Cotton Candy 

Not all cotton candy is bad for your health. Some of those delicate pink clouds allow you to forget and keep dreaming. This may sound like a fantasy, but in some places it is entirely possible. Some memories must be erased or withheld so that they do not disturb your thinking about unbelievable wonders.

Around the Glade 

The first sign saying you're going in the right direction is a bright glade. There you will find a roe, steadfast companion for the birds of truth. There is no doubt that the roe sees the future. Although only a couple minutes ahead. She feels what question she should ask, but there is never any time for warning, if the meeting might pose a threat to the place of final destination...

Dear Toffle 

Little Toffle is just a child, but it always has a lots of passengers on its back. Its task is to greet the newcomers and to show them around their new house. Toffle can find way to places no one else can ever find, because when they pass all the twelve islands, they cannot remember their journey to the first one...

Miss Gertrud 

Miss Gertrud is not a big person. In reality, Miss Gertrud is so tiny that she sleeps in a tutu tulle. She works in costume department, but because of her small size she tries to carry large fabric screws and lift heave scissors. Without using her magic. Fortunately, she is good at magic and she discovers she can resolve practically any problem. Miss Gertrud with infinite imagination creates perfect costumes and props for the circus. 

Mr. Otis 

Mr. Otis was once an abandoned little boy. No one ever saw his parents and he often woke up without a roof upon his head. Mr. Otis' childhood could have been sad if it was not for the circus. The circus saved his life. Well, maybe not the circus as such, but the ability to use his magical wings and friends giving him a sense of solidarity. 

Dear Fawn

Each year, the fastest runner is entrusted with the task of connecting the light to the dark glade. Our young friend, equipped with four legs, wings and talent for making right decisions, travels with the speed of light on a long, constantly changing road between two gates.

Mrs. Mighetto's designers also created small posters, which are always two pieces of paper with characters the histories of which intertwine, giving birth to a beautiful story about Mr William and The Night Carousel as well as a story about friendship, Dear Friends.

Mr. William

Not many people have seen Mr. William stand still. He is as fast as a skylight and even the wind cannot keep up with him. Mr. William as a large garage, full of vehicles on which he always works. One day he constructed a time machine, and then a flying bike.

The Night Carousel 

When at night somebody knocks at the doors of Tivoli, a forgotten carousel wakes from sleep. Little decorative lamps come to life and shine with a delicate, warm light. Out of nowhere, there is a smell of roasted almonds and sweet caramel. The lights are the signal - lonely streets change into fun parties, and Tivoli comes to life.

Dear Friends - Dear Lion 

An impressive mane grew with a lot of shiny, golden hair waving on the wind on a little lion's head when he was quite young. Since thick, beautiful hair look a little funny on a little girl, the pride decided she was too weird and simply left her at the doorstep of the magical circus. Now she is the king of the circus, happy and proud to present her magnificent, sparkling hair.

Dear Friends - Dear Elephant

When this unusual baby elephant was born, the herd rejected it. It had strange bumps on its back, which years later appeared to be incredible wings. Magical wings, which made him weightless and free. After that happened, the elephant was offered a place in the hers, but it decided to stay with its new family. In the circus.

Circus Mighetto wallpaper in powdery pink or blue-grey will make a beautiful feature in a child's room. It is not just a wallpaper with circus animals, it is a beginning of a story...Come, come - the circus is in town! It is a world of epic experiences, unparalleled magic and breathtaking scenery. Meet the elephant with bumps on its back, which turned into magical wings. Meet the little lion which grew to be a magnificent lioness with an enormous mane with a myriad of shiny, golden hair which wave on the wind. And what about the history of the flying carnival? No one lives in the flying tent in the clouds. At least that's what the people say. In the night, the tent gleams and shines, and sometimes it seems that the sky and the tent speak their own language. Nobody knows how to steer the flying tent, or what its purpose is, but the rumor has it that's where the entire magic of the circus comes from...

A child with great imagination will surely be awed with an incredible garland  by Mrs. Mighetto, which can be hung on the wall, in the window or on the ceiling. Charmign garlands are available in two options: Frankie and the Unicorns and Mr. Bill and the Balloons, the first one features Miss Frankie, 4 bunnies and 4 unicorns, and the second one Mr. Bill, 4 bunnies and 4 balloons. The characters are printed on a high quality matte paper, decorated with wooden balls and ribbons. Each has its history which starts in the same way but the ending is entirely different: Miss Frankie and Mr. Bill live in a little world of Minimighetto. Or maybe that world is not as little. It is what it is, a universe for diverse creatures. Some are big as giants, and some are very tiny. They have powers that no human can ever learn... 

Mobil Miss Astrid and Mobil Miss Alice will take us into the world of children's imagination. Two-sided pendants by Mrs. Mighetto will make a beautiful decoration above the bed, changing table or in the window. Neatly packed in a paper box that can make a perfect gift for a little dreamer, especially since each character has its secret. Miss Astrid has an invisible power of calling and spreading imagination. The higher the swing flies, the larger Miss Astrid's power grows. In the eyes of Miss Astrid imagination flickers like starts. Little shiny stars. However the stars cannot be seen by just anyone. Since imagination works at another level - outside the reach of regular eyesight - and helps us learn incredible things. Miss Astrid knows that she will never stop swinging, since it takes a large imagination to call magical worlds. Miss Alice, however, is surely secluded on the Moon, but her task is the most important one. The Land in the Clouds is a well-kept secret and such it should remain. When you finally find the way, there is no going back, and Alice sees everything from the moon that never disappears...

Mrs. Mighetto is a land of great imagination, perfectly suited for a child's room. Choose the character that your child likes best and advance its magical history...


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