The Beach People brand has been created by sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie in the summer of 2013 in New South Wales, Australia. They create unique collections inspired by family, friends, and the coastal style of life. Their first collection has been sold out in just a few weeks. After a few years The Beach People is now an international brand which offers luxurious products to anyone who wants to take the beach back home.

All designs are being created in Australia. Emma and Victoria tell their stories to designers who, basing on these stories, create unique graphic designs. The collection includes inspirations from the Greek Santorini island, the coastal village of Avalon, or Aztec designs. All of the products are tested by the family and friends on the beach and at home, and only after passing such precise tests are offered to the clients. This guarantees that the offered products are not only beautiful but also functional.

The Beach People collection includes elegant round towels. Large, with the diameter of 150 cm, in toned colors, weaved on jacquard looms. The towels are made from 100% high quality cotton, which can absorb a lot of water. One side is made from soft velour while the other is quick drying and easily absorbs water. These towels are available in many unique designs. They are perfect for lying on the beach and to dry oneself after going into the water.

The Petit collection is dedicated for children. It includes soft towels with the diameter of 100 cm. They perfectly meet the needs of our children. They are perfect for lying on the sand, and drying oneself after swimming. Soft, durable, in beautiful colors, and with coastal motifs. The original finish – cute fringes – makes them irresistible for kids.

The Petit collection includes also a hooded poncho for children. Round, designed for children between the age of 1 and 6. Incredibly delicate, with beautiful designs, and finished with fringes. Perfect for when we want to tuck our kids after swimming or simply protect them against the breeze. Similarly as all The Beach People towels it is double sided, with pleasant velour on one side and a quick drying fabric on the other. Light and durable – perfect for adventures by the sea.

The Beach People offers also jute bags with leather handles, perfect for the beach. Apart from that also comfortable beach pillows, swimming towels, and table covers. All of that in perfect quality, beautiful, and functional.

The Beach People products constitute the perfect companions when escaping to sunny locations.

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