The first months of a child's life are a special time when the parents' lives change dramatically. When a small and defenseless person appears in the world, you want to stay with him all the time. The environment of a newborn baby must be as safe as possible, which is why many parents are so eager to reach for Moses baskets. What is the Moses basket and when is it used? We explain!

Mosaic baskets are beautiful, woven baskets for babies and newborns, designed to provide exceptional comfort to children and their parents. The undoubted advantage of Mosaic baskets is their appearance - mobile baskets will fit into any interior, they are the essence of good style and modern comfort. Interestingly, the modern Moses basket alludes to biblical history. In such a woven basket, a caring mother hid a newborn child - Moses, to save him from imminent death on the order of the then ruler of Egypt. The only way to save the baby was through the river. The toddler might have flowed downstream to a better life, but the problem was that the mother couldn't go on this journey with her newborn baby. In order for little Moses to have any chance of survival, it was necessary to create a safe basket that would float on the water. In the Bible, a papyrus box reinforced with tar and resin became a basket. This terrifying story ends happily - the Pharaoh's daughter ends up on a flowing basket with a newborn baby and saves the baby's life.

In some translations, the Mosaic basket was made of wicker, and it was beautiful, hand-woven baskets from natural materials that were called Mosaic baskets. The Moses basket is a symbol of safety, not only because of its biblical history, but also because of its characteristic structure. The Moses basket has a structure perfectly adapted to a newborn and infant. The walls prevent the baby from moving outside the safe area, the stable basket will not tip over due to the baby's movements, and thanks to its mobility, the Moses basket can become a safe cot for a baby anywhere.

The Moses' basket is considered an alternative to the traditional crib. In our opinion, this is primarily a great addition to the first months of parenthood. The main advantage of the Mosaic basket is its mobility. Mosaic baskets are relatively small, so you can take them with you everywhere to allow your baby a comfortable and healthy sleep at any time of the day or night. Many people recommend the Moses basket as an opportunity to perform daily duties while constantly watching over the baby. The Moses basket can also be placed on the bed. Young parents often fear that their restless sleep may harm their child unintentionally. There is no such risk with the Mosaic basket. Braided walls will protect your newborn baby like a shield!

The Moses basket will also be an ideal solution for parents who often spend time outside the home. A trip to the parents-in-law or for a short vacation will not be a problem when we add a Mosaic basket to the luggage - a portable cot for a newborn.

It is worth mentioning that the Moses basket is a solution for the first months of a child's life. Some may find that this is an unnecessary expense, since you will have to buy a crib later anyway. However, it must be remembered that comfort and safety cannot be put into price. In addition, the Moses basket will be as elegant after a few months of use as when it was new. Therefore, nothing prevents you from selling the Moses basket when the newborn grows out of it.

Beautiful Mosaic baskets are offered by the Numero 74 brand, which has been available in Miss Lemonade for a long time. The baskets, made of palm leaves, are equipped with a cotton mattress and pillowcase. The Moses basket with a mattress also has comfortable handles, thanks to which it can be carried freely. Moses baskets Numero 74 are handmade, with the highest quality in mind. The Numero 74 Moses basket is designed for children weighing up to 9 kg.

You can buy a frame and a cradle for the Moses' basket. The basket can also be used without these additives. There are many suggestions for Moses baskets on the web, but not all of them are made of materials that are safe for a child. Before buying, it is worth checking if the Moses basket was made of non-toxic materials, as in the case of Numero 74.



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