A collection that gives children a voice: Bobo Choses Talking Bobo - Fall / Winter 2021!

We are pleased to invite you to an overview of the premiere clothes and accessories of the well-known and liked brand Bobo Choses! The fall / winter 2021 collection is surprising, functional and takes us into a magical children's world.

Bobo Choses Talking Bobo - the latest collection for fall and winter 2021

Did you know that Bobo Choses designers create clothes inspired by children's books? They are the source of interesting, often funny motifs that are printed on children's T-shirts and accessories. In this way, Bobo Choses is not only about clothes, but a whole story that the youngest understand perfectly. Let's see what we can find in Talking Bobo's fascinating story for Fall and Winter 2021 ?!

Children's clothes for babies, toddlers and teenagers aged 12-13.

Accessories for the whole family, including fantastic bags in various sizes.

Organic cotton caps, scarves and gloves. Including cute hats with pompoms! Pompons in a hat for the winter are a must-have!

Waterproof shoes made of natural rubber, perfect for autumn, created in cooperation with the renowned Novesta brand.

A wide range of waterproof outer garments, such as children's coats and jackets.

In short, Bobo Choses Talking Bobo is a collection that will fully prepare your children for the colder season. In addition, these are completely universal clothes when it comes to gender.

Talking Bobo - an overview of the most interesting clothes and accessories

Bobo Choses Talking Bobo are clothes that have personality and character, which means that they are a great candidate to win the competition: Clothes that children really want to wear.

The colorful clothes from the Talking Bobo collection are dyed with non-toxic paints. Characteristic colors, plus a loose, comfortable cut remind us of the great 90s. Nostalgia can be awakened by especially colorful sweaters and autumn children's jackets, which are simply cool! It is also worth paying attention to warmer skirts and dresses that all girls will love. For comfort, style and, of course, convenience.

Younger children will especially like sweaters and sweatshirts with friendly prints in the form of dogs, scientists worms, talking vegetables and smiling cups. The choice is really wide. Gradually, new drops from the collection consisting of several hundred items will be released!

Autumn / winter 2021 in Bobo Choses clothes will pass to our little ones in terms of comfort and style. The clothes are definitely practical - the collection is dominated by wide sweatshirts, sweaters, comfortable pants and perfectly tailored jackets. Talking Bobo will be great when children return to school. They are definitely not clothes that you wear every now and then - kids will want to wear them non-stop!

Behind the scenes of the production of the unique collection of Bobo Choses Talking Bobo

Bobo Choses is a sustainable brand that pays attention to the methods of production and the materials used, trying to minimize the negative impact on the environment. At the same time, the brand cares about the comfort of its users. How? It is enough to take a look at the materials from which Talking Bobo clothes and accessories are made.

Did you know that not only polyester can be recycled, but also cotton? Recycled cotton is part of the fashionable and comfortable kids' jeans. In addition to Bobo cotton, Choses also uses high-quality merino and alpaca wool, organic cotton, Ecovero and Lyocell ecological fabrics, as well as recycled polyester used to sew waterproof outerwear.

High-quality materials are complemented by great patterns and children's motifs. In the Talking Bobo collection, you will find, for example, lovely jacquard sweaters. The designers did not take the easy way and many children's clothes were sewn with marquetry, a special technique of embroidering patterns. There are also printed clothes loved by children.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Bobo Choses certified clothing (OEKO-TEX certified) is produced locally in Portugal. Local production also minimizes the negative impact on the environment as it leaves a smaller carbon footprint behind.

Who is the newest Bobo Choses collection for?

As the producers themselves say, the Bobo Choses Talking Bobo collection is full of colors. Efforts were made to provide unique clothes and accessories not only for the youngest, but also for older children. What's more, adults will also find something for themselves. Thus, the producers of Bobo Choses want to tell us: Take care of the autumn layette for your child, but do not forget about yourself! We all have a child in our soul to care for.

Let your baby be proud to be a baby

The producers of Bobo Choses have put a lot of effort into making children's clothes for the fall / winter 2021 season comfortable, durable and one hundred percent meeting the expectations of both children and their parents.

As busy adults, we often overlook how rich our children's world is and how wise they are in their apparent simplicity. The latest collection by Bobo Choses is a contradiction of the harmful saying: Children and fish have no voice. Give your child a voice to show him the best side of the world and give him a chance to develop.

A feast of colors, various patterns, simplicity combined with originality - Talking Bobo perfectly reflects the children's approach to life. Toddlers love variety and do not judge others. Only a child can, without prejudice, offer friendship to anyone, regardless of age and appearance. Children see with their hearts and this is what we should learn from them.

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