Waiting for childbirth is a special time, full of positive emotions, but also stress and tension. It happens that the last days of pregnancy give a hard time. It happens that a baby delays coming into the world, and on the other hand, some babies appear in the world ahead of schedule. A well-completed layette for a newborn - to the hospital and home, will allow you to reduce the stress level and ensure maximum comfort during the first months of a child's life. What does a complete layette for a newborn look like? Check the list of things for the hospital and home!

In some hospitals, newborns receive the necessary accessories, but we assume that our own arsenal of accessories will provide the future mother with a greater sense of security and comfort. The layette for a newborn baby to the hospital consists mainly of clothes and diapers. 2-3 sets of clothes will be useful for the hospital. It is worth remembering that rompers, rompers, socks and hats for a newborn should be loose. Slightly larger clothes are easier to put on, and at the same time we will be sure that the baby will not be too tight or the cap will not press against the baby's delicate head. The set of diapers should include 2-3 tetras diapers and a pack of disposable diapers.

According to the current recommendations, newborns should not be bathed until they leave the hospital. Recent studies have shown that it is good to leave the baby in the fluid for at least one day after birth. The fetal gunk has a protective and moisturizing function. Therefore, bath cosmetics will not be needed in the hospital. You can add items such as a baby cone or a blanket, wet wipes, sores ointment and of course a good, roomy bag for all these things.

Of course, you should also add items for the journey home from the hospital to the hospital layette for the newborn. In winter, it will be warmer clothes. Regardless of the season, a baby carrier that can be safely stowed in the car is also necessary.

The upcoming due date may mean that future parents will only think about the baby at this time. It is natural, but remember that it is mother who is the basis when it comes to perinatal issues - no layette will be of any use if mom is not ready for delivery, and at the same time she does not feel safe and cared for. Mum's welfare is therefore just as important as absolutely necessary accessories for a newborn, and actually even more important. Therefore, all caring mothers should also take care of a complete layette for themselves, especially to the hospital, where we cannot always count on the help or understanding of the staff.

The hospital layette for the mother should mainly consist of comfortable nightgowns (2 or 3), a few pairs of airy, cotton panties for a change, two body towels, cosmetics (at your discretion), a bathrobe, socks and shower flip-flops. It is also worth taking a comfortable breastfeeding bra and large pads with you. Nightgowns should also be cut in such a way as to facilitate breastfeeding for mothers. Let us remember that hospital clothes should be made of cotton. In turn, body cosmetics, especially intimate hygiene gel, should be adapted to the needs of women during the puerperium.

Important: the number of hospital rations is a source of bitter jokes. Exhausted from childbirth, mum may be twice hungry, so it is worth taking some snacks, mineral water and… cutlery and your own mug in your bag. It is true that in hospital there is usually no problem with this, but it can be different. It is also worth having a pack of moisturizing wipes and toilet paper with you.

In films, childbirth usually looks like this: mom goes to the hospital with the whole family, gets into the hospital bed and ready, everything happens by itself. Of course, there is more work in real life and a lot more bureaucracy. Doctors need to know the current test results in order to be able to arrange a safe birth. The baby in the stomach will not scream "Hello, I'm leaving!" Everything has to be checked through research. What documents are required for childbirth? First of all, you need to have an identity card and a pregnancy card with all the necessary information for doctors. The statement on the blood type is also an important document. If the expectant mother has special recommendations from the doctor, these should also be included in the hospital briefcase. What's more, they should be on the very top so that they are not overlooked.

The layette for a newborn baby gains importance from the first moments spent with the baby at home, after returning from the hospital. The baby must have a place to sleep, enough diapers, clothes, blankets and cosmetics. It is worth remembering that with a newborn baby, the washing machine will run almost every day. However, this does not mean that you need tons of baby clothes. On the contrary, newborns grow like crazy, so you only need a few rompers, bodysuits and rompers for a change. The principle of minimalism will not only work in the case of diapers and diapers. Anyway, it is hard to forget about clothes and diapers for a newborn. However, it is much easier to omit some hygiene accessories.

For a small child, you will need a thermometer, special scissors for microscopic baby nails, a soft fluff brush, anti-chafing cream, baby cleansing liquid, moisturizing wipes, baby powder and separate detergents for baby clothes and diapers. Remember that the washing powders and liquids we use every day are harmful even to us, adults. Cosmetics and washing agents for infants should be selected very carefully.

The basic home equipment should also include: a stroller, a cot or a Moses basket, a bath tub, a changing table, a croissant pillow, soft towels and blankets (preferably made of cotton). The layette for a newborn baby should also be supplemented with a breast pump and other accessories that will make it easier for a freshly baked mum (and dad!) To take care of the baby.

As you can see, a layette for a newborn and we have a big challenge. There are a lot of things to complete, so it's worth making a list and spreading your purchases over a few weeks. It is also not worth stressing about these purchases. In the age of the Internet, you can buy anything at any time without leaving your home. Meanwhile, we wish all future mothers all the best!

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