Konges Slojd really pampers us this year with delightful products. Today we are going to focus on fresh-smelling clothes and accessories whose motto is hot summer. The latest Konges Slojd collection consists of clothes and accessories for spending time on the beach and in the garden. There are also proposals for more elegant meetings!

Every parent will admit that everyday life with young children by their side is full of challenges. They are also great emotions, days full of love and joy, but rarely can they perfectly imitate Instagram photos. Children want to live their own lives and do not intend to waste time on nice poses for photos, which should also be a clue for us adults, lost in a world of unrealistic goals. Remember that stained children's clothes are commonplace, that little ones sometimes have their own humor and that being a parent often means total fatigue. This is the parentage that the Konges Slojd brand refers to, focusing on creating clothes and accessories with a simple design. The brand places emphasis on the functionality of items, not only their appearance. Therefore, Konges Slojd summer clothes for children and adults are made of natural, soft materials, without chemicals. Thanks to this, airy dresses, charming shorts and elegant blouses are incredibly comfortable and they fit nicely on the skin. And that's it!

The hot summer, although short, brings many joyful moments and, unfortunately, also many dangers. Every now and then the media writes about sunstrokes and dehydration, which unfortunately accompany children more and more often. It is very dangerous, and yet little is needed to prevent this threat. All you need is adequate sun protection and the habit of drinking water, which should accompany the whole family, from the infant to the senior of the family. This also applies to domestic animals that are at the same risk of dehydration. Clothes are also helpful in fighting the heat.

If on a hot day we dress up in polyester clothes and plastic shoes, we will sweat before leaving the house. Polyester works great with swimwear and outerwear, but polyester T-shirts and dresses are bad! Cotton, a natural material, is a different matter. Konges Slojd cotton garments will allow the skin to breathe, which will lower the body temperature. This significantly reduces the risk of overheating in toddlers. The latest Konges Slojd collection offers loose and bright clothes for girls and boys. Perfect for days when hot weather will knock you off your feet. We also recommend appropriate headgear to the whole family. Konges Slojd has charming turbans for children, perfect for summer baths (the risk of sunburn increases in the water) and cotton hats perfect for summer walks in the sunshine.

A nice option for children, not related to clothing fashion, are also special Konges Slojd tents. Stylish tents fully protect small children from the sun. Outdoor tents give parents free access to their children, who can safely sunbathe or enjoy the fresh air in the park or garden.

The bathing season has officially begun, and it's the last call to buy a swimsuit if you don't have one yet. As a standard, adults are recommended bathing suits that will prove themselves for many seasons. Summer in Poland is too short for one type of swimsuit to become boring. Children, you know, grow fast, but that's also no problem for zero waste lovers. Good quality children's costumes can be sold without difficulty.

Swimwear for the 2022 season from Konges Slojd is simply amazing. These are timeless, basic styles that have a chance to appeal to every woman. The Konges Slojd Muchi Mama one-piece swimwear for pregnant women is especially captivating. Lovers of two-piece costumes will also find something for themselves. The leitmotif of Konges Slojd swimwear for girls and women are bows and subtle frills, very fashionable! The boys, in turn, can count on comfortable, striped swimming shorts - reliable! For this, small children can choose special bathing shoes that will protect their delicate feet during crazy activities in the garden or on the beach.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning the latest Konges Slojd bathing accessories. Contrary to appearances, these are not beach accessories, but fantastic gadgets that will be useful when caring for babies and young children. Check out the charming silicone bath mats and the amazing dragon toothbrushes. Another must-have is a thermometer - Konges Slojd offers a strawberry-shaped silicone thermometer, perfect for checking the temperature of rooms and water.

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