Children's clothes for girls from Apolina Kids are very popular and it does not surprise us at all. Fantastic materials, thoughtful designs and amazing embroidery are impressive. The whole thing makes the brand's dresses jump into the shopping cart by themselves. Girls from all over the world look beautiful in high-quality Apolina Kids clothes!

The English brand Apolina Kids is a small European company whose owner has a real passion for travel. And there would be nothing unusual about it, if not for the fact that the brand's projects fantastically combine the influence of different cultures. On the other hand, beautiful, natural colors are associated with the richness of nature and allow the eyes to rest.

It can be said that clothes for girls from Apolina Kids are subtle and at the same time full of uniqueness that will never go out of fashion. The projects refer a bit to the 1970s. The founder of the brand herself admitted that she has a weakness for her childhood memories, when her beloved grandmother sewed dresses for her. Perhaps it was her grandmother's tailoring talent that prompted Caroline to create unique embroidery on dresses, blouses and overalls for girls. This is an element that distinguishes the brand's projects from everyone!

The owner and designer of the Apolina Kids brand pays attention to a very important detail - after reaching a certain age, children pay attention to the clothes they wear. From an early age, we treat clothes as a way to express ourselves, as well as emphasize our strength, independence and beauty. And it is not about following the fashion, but about dressing children in things that will be comfortable for them and will simply please them. Fortunately, this is not so difficult as young children usually imitate their parents in everything. If a beloved mother is enthusiastic about clothes, a little daughter will also be there. At least until the teenage years. Then it is better not to complete your child's wardrobe by himself, because it almost always ends in failure.

In adolescence, going against your parents is the responsibility of every teenager. There is nothing else to do but survive this time. Moms of younger children still have a lot of time to enjoy the free shopping for their children.

We will confess to you that we like some modern children's clothes and accessories so much that we would like to have them for ourselves. Unfortunately, Apolina Kids does not sew clothes for people over 11 years of age. Despite our great will, we do not fit in this range anymore.

The brand's clothes are made of soft and breathable cotton. Thanks to this, even dresses and blouses with long sleeves will be perfect for warm spring and summer, although nowadays the weather makes us forget about the existence of such a thing as warm season! We hope that this will change soon, but in the meantime we mention that well-thought-out cuts of girls' clothes by Apolina Kids also allow you to dress the child “on the bulb”. Natural colors and classic cuts can be combined with many different items of clothing. For example, Erma's white skirt with blue tiny flowers. It can be combined with a variety of colors, which is exactly what your daughter already has in her wardrobe! With this one skirt, you can easily create beautiful styles for various occasions.

The same applies to dresses. You can easily fit them into a warmer outfit consisting of tights, a sweater and a jacket. There is no philosophy here. In summer, a dress and comfortable sandals are all you need! Ah, we are already looking forward to those warm and sunny days when we can all dress lightly and comfortably.

Caroline worked for about 10 years in the dynamically developing fashion industry. The woman quickly noted how quickly and ruthlessly new projects are created, at the expense of workers and the environment. The constant exploitation of resources as a natural goal of gaining wealth was not the goal of the founder of the Apolina Kids brand. The private company Caroline was established when the woman gave birth to two daughters. It was then that the woman realized that she wanted to promote something completely opposite to the modern fast fashion.

Apolina Kids encourages us to slow down, stop in life. The focus is not on the quantity, but the quality of the clothes. When designing clothes, Caroline devoted herself to the passion and freedom that can be seen in literally every children's clothing of the brand. The designs are timeless and the clothes are luxurious and comfortable. They will accompany the child, providing him with comfort and self-confidence.

The designer shared with her clients a dream in which clothes from her remain in families for generations. First, they circulate between the older and younger siblings, and finally become a memento and the subject of family nostalgia, like a baptism cloth or the first tooth.

We like this romanticization of the little things. We create reasons for joy ourselves and it is worth having as many of them as possible!

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