Arrangement of a children's room - inspirations from Miss Lemonade

Decorating your beloved toddler's room is one of the most beautiful moments in life. You want to give your child the best and you really want to create a space for him in which he will feel comfortable and safe. Today's topic will be devoted to unique decorations for a child's room for a boy or girl.

Arrangement of walls in a children's room - stickers and posters

Aesthetic posters framed in tasteful frames are currently one of the biggest interior design trends. Just look at the Instagram profiles of celebrities and influencers to see how often they cooperate with companies selling decorative posters.

Products advertised by celebrities must be bought carefully, as the margin usually exceeds the value of these things. Unfortunately, this also has an impact on the quality and production method, which is by no means sustainable and responsible. So if you want to invest your money in high-quality trendy items, look for niche companies as we do at Miss Lemonade.

Interesting posters in a child's room are not only decorative, but also stimulate the child's imagination. And imagination stimulates development, which is why it is so important to surround children with friendly stimuli that will develop the brain of a little explorer. Some time ago we introduced you to small works of art from Mrs. Mighetto, a series of unique posters that perfectly appeal to the imagination of a child. Mrs. Mighetto also impresses adults.

Small children will also appreciate the cute wall rugs with animal motifs. Made of wool and cotton, Oyoy rugs will warm up any interior. Our favorites are the tiger and the giraffe, which put an involuntary smile on your face. The rug can be combined with wall stickers or smaller posters from EEF Lillemor to create a fairy-tale zone on one of the walls or all of them, however you prefer.

Wallpaper, for example koala bears from Ferm Living, can also be an interesting accent. It is enough to paint the whole room in the color of your choice, and cover one wall with decorative wallpaper with a children's motif. Thanks to this, the room will immediately gain a childish character, while not giving the impression of being cluttered.

Additional lighting for a child's room

Some children do not like the dark and in this case it is worth providing discreet, additional lighting for the night. A lamp with a typical child's motif will be a light source and will cheer your little one up. For example, such Cat Miso from Konges Slojd, is there something to be afraid of in his company? In no case. The brand also offers fruit-shaped LED lamps and milk bottles. They are simply fabulous!

And if you want to provide your child with unique overhead lighting, check out the bamboo lampshades from Kids Depot. This style perfectly balances cute children's accessories, providing a pleasant atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The irreplaceable brand Numero 74 has created excellent star-shaped lamps. The gentle, warm light of the star lamps will provide a magical atmosphere in any interior!

Room decorations for boys and girls

For artistically talented parents, we recommend interesting embroidery kits from Numero 74. By purchasing such a kit, we can create a pendant for the child that will decorate his room. Toddlers appreciate these things because they like everything their parents do for them. At the same time, parents gain an activity that helps reduce stress.

A perfect complement to animal motifs on the walls will be cute pillows, for example in the shape of a dachshund or a koala bear. It is worth mentioning that these nice Oyoy pillows are also great toys.

The curtains, garlands and flowers are a dot above and in the children's room. It is worth taking care of plants in a boy's or girl's room because they clean the air and facilitate a healthy, restful sleep. You can find the matching pots in the decorations tab. The garlands mentioned above are also a great addition to the arrangement of a child's room. In our store you will find beautiful, woven garlands made of cotton or paper. All handmade!

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