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Baby toys - are they needed? We choose safe toys for babies

Even adults cannot imagine their childhood without toys, although it may seem that babies are not yet interested in playing. Meanwhile, the development of a child continues from the moment of birth, which is why everything around the baby matters. We advise which toys for babies are worth paying attention to.

Toys surrounded by a baby, what do they give?

The first weeks of a baby's life are the time when the baby mostly sleeps. At this time, the baby's nervous system is very sensitive and does not need any additional stimuli. It is believed that the first toys can be shown to the infant two weeks after birth. Of course, these should be toys that are adapted to the needs of babies. Moreover, there is no point in accumulating a large collection of baby toys. A few rattles and teethers are enough. A cuddly toy will also be an interesting option, which we'll talk about in a moment.

Toys in the environment of an infant have a positive effect on the development of the senses: sight and hearing. Babies cannot grasp yet, but they can feel every touch. You probably already guess that toys for babies are in fact gadgets present in the baby's surroundings. Up to a certain point, the child will only be able to react to the colors of the pendant visible above the crib, the noise of his favorite rattle, or the soft touch of the first soft toy. For an adult, these experiences seem unnecessary, but for a person who was born a few weeks earlier, such stimuli help a lot in creating new connections in the brain (to put it simply). Experts recommend talking to the baby as often as possible for a reason, as it positively influences its development, even though it is unable to join the conversation. At least until he learns to babble - then the baby will respond with understanding to all our revelations. It is the same with colors, and with time also with shapes. Each new object in the baby's environment stimulates his brain to work.




The first toys for babies, what to look for?

Every parent knows very well how delicate babies are. It is not without reason that we use special cosmetics for babies and washing powders for baby clothes. Such young children are not yet immune to factors that older children and adults do not have to worry about. A baby's thin and sensitive skin requires special care. Any object in the baby's environment should be soft, without sharp edges, relatively light. When choosing a toy for a baby, we must take into account the fact that at some point it will be bitten, tossed and hugged with all her might. Moreover, before the child learns grasping and basic forms of play, he will be enthusiastic about kicking his arms and legs, so the space around the child must be free from heavy, not entirely "sure" toys.

The material of making toys for babies is also very important. It is worth choosing certified and reliable gadgets. Free from toxic paints, phthalates, BPA, lead and formaldehyde. These kinds of accessories are unfortunately common in cheap toys made in China. UOKiK emphasizes that even every third toy that hits the Polish market is contaminated with harmful toxins. These toxins are then absorbed through the baby's skin or enter the body when the baby bites the toy.

In summary, toys for babies should be of the right shape and size, and the most important thing is the material. Baby toys made of natural materials work best: stuffed animals made of wool and cotton, teethers made of silicone and natural rubber, wooden rattles, etc. In the case of plastic toys, you need to pay attention to the type of paint used, as well as to the composition of the plastic itself, to exclude the presence of harmful additives.

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Recommended toys for babies

We mentioned earlier that the best toys for babies are the ones that stimulate eyesight and hearing. Therefore, every self-respecting infant should be equipped with a rattle. It just so happens that we have a very timely toy in our offer. The mushroom rattle from Konges Slojd looks like a combination of a plump boletus with a red toadstool, but the child can cuddle it and chew it at will. The fabric rattle made of organic cotton (with a nylon blend) is non-toxic and very pleasant to the touch. In addition, it makes pleasant sounds thanks to the bell inside.

A very interesting option are also plush music boxes to be hung over the cot. Each pull on the string activates a cute melody that will appeal to every toddler. The Konges Slojd Music Petite pendant is also made of material, so it is a completely safe gadget. On the other hand, Konges Slojd Loopy Lemons silicone teethers are perfect for gum massage.

Finally, Main Sauvage's great collection of cuddly toys for babies is worth mentioning. Woolen stuffed animals are hypoallergenic, gentle on the skin (do not bite) and extremely cute. We especially liked the stuffed animals in the shape of hand puppets. Soft teddy bears can accompany a child from infancy to the end of childhood, to become a wonderful memento of carefree years during adolescence and adulthood.

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