There are only four weeks of vacation ahead of us - they will be commissioned faster than 5 minutes at work. Certainly, many children are already shuffling their feet in anticipation of new school adventures. In recent years, students have not had the easiest time and everyone has already missed a normal school. This year, kids have the opportunity to return to school with a bang and hope for new friendships. Meanwhile, we support you in completing the school layette for your brave students!

Our childhood was in the 1990s and we still remember this excitement before the start of the new school year. New notebooks, accessories, school bag with many compartments - the best motivation! At least in the first weeks of study. It is similar now, except that children have a much wider choice of school supplies. Sometimes you don't know what to decide, all school supplies tempt with functionality, colors and fairy-tale characters. In the excitement of school shopping, remember not to succumb to the magic of advertising and buy things that will actually turn out to be convenient and practical to use. Nowadays, fashionable things are easy to find, but functional and quality ones are harder to get. Fortunately, in our store we make an absolute selection so that you can choose from really good items.

Backpacks for school, pencil cases, bags for sports clothes - these are items that are used non-stop during the school year. So it's worth investing in something that will not fall apart at the end of September. Your baby will certainly feel better about clean and comfortable things.

A school satchel is an extremely important element of students' equipment. Questions about a good schoolbag for the new school year are literally flooding the internet. It is not surprising that parents are looking for the best solution, because the burdened backbones of young Poles have been talked about for years. It is certainly important that the satchel is worn over two shoulders and has a solid back. Beautifully made backpacks are offered by the Jeune Premier brand, which allows you to complete a practical and durable school layette. The selected Jeune Premier satchel is perfect as a backpack for the first grader. It catches the eye with beautiful motifs: a cheerful unicorn or a predatory tiger. Similar styles are offered by other great brands: Trixie and Engel. In turn, older children will appreciate the colorful Sticky Lemon backpacks. Beautifully made backpacks in dozens of designs have an additional advantage: they are easy to clean. Thanks to this, after many months of use, the backpack still has a chance to delight as much as right after the purchase.

Health experts recommend that children be encouraged to be physically active from an early age. A great motivation for a child will be a comfortable and charming exercise outfit and a roomy bag that they can carry with them just like adults carry their gym bags. Here we recommend the stylish Konges Slojd bags, which will also prove useful on many other occasions. We also cannot forget about the little ones who are not going to school yet, but who would also like to have their school supplies. If you have an elderly kid at home getting ready for school and a toddler who has to wait for his turn, you can sweeten your toddler's life by giving him a cute Djeco backpack. Young children, as a rule, love to imitate their older siblings! Such a young child will surely feel great when he will also receive new crayons and notebooks to be able to experience the first day at school in his own way.

In the school layette, backpacks and pencil cases arouse the greatest excitement. And since children have to carry a lot of accessories in the first years of school, it is worth choosing a pencil case with a large capacity. So that you do not have to give up taking any crayons! All the old books will appreciate the spacious and easy-to-clean Engel pencil cases. On the other hand, the real hit in the younger classes are the pencil cases with compartments, which are offered by Miss Lemonade by the Jeune Premier brand. Nothing diversifies boring lessons more than rummaging through colored markers and crayons, elegantly packed in a magical unicorn pencil case. All filling in the form of crayons, markers and pencils can be found in colorful designs by Djeco or OOLY. We warn you! These things are so pretty that you will want to steal something for yourself. A little color at work will also come in handy, right?

As lovers of less waste lifestyle, we do not carry breakfast in plastic bags. We are also out of the way with plastic bottles with mineral water. It is much more convenient to get a silicone breakfast container, which you just need to put in the dishwasher after use. We also recommend this solution to adults. Fresh sandwiches, not crushed by books (or documents), are much better eaten. Konges Slojd even has dinner containers that allow you to take tasty and warm meals with you. You just want to eat!

At Miss Lemonade, we adhere to the principle that childhood should be filled with a sense of security and the opportunity to carelessly explore the world. Children have a lot of enthusiasm and joy, we would like it to be this way forever. And the old proverb says: what the shell soaks when young, it smacks in old age. There is a lot of wisdom in this sentence that we often ignore. School is challenging, but with the right dose of optimism it can be a source of great memories. It is also the first stop to independence, but parental support will remain invaluable forever!

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