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What is Bellerose? Lifestyle creators: from cotton to soft suede, pleated knee-length skirts, knitted mohair or cashmere sweaters, voluminous plaid jackets, personalized denim, garments with unexpected details, geometrically deconstructed coats and accessories with a seasonal theme. Bellerose is a premium clothing brand for the whole family, a brand that creates street-style clothing.

Bellerose is a Belgian clothing company. Their headquarters are in Grand-Bigard, a suburb of Brussels. The Bellerose brand was founded by Jean-Pierre Delhaye, Charly Bouvy and Patrick Van Heurck in 1989 with a line of men's shirts. The name Bellerose comes from Bellerose, New York, a small American town on the outskirts of New York City. It is a tribute to American inspirations and their approach to style. This was also the name of the first shirt produced by the brand. Van Heurck remains the main owner and director of the project. The Bellerose brand opened its first store in Knokke (on the Belgian coast) in 1990. Later, shops opened in Saint Germain Des Pres and Bastille as well as in Kortrijk, Namur and Brussels. In 2009, a store opened in Amsterdam, next to the Musee de la Mode (Fashion Museum). As of 2013, Bellerose owned and operated 22 stores (two of them in France) and their clothing line was already sold by many other stores around the world. The first women's collection was released in 1998. The children's clothing collection was included in the brand's offer in 2002.

The Bellerose brand creates authentic, well-designed, comfortable and carefree children's clothes. From stylish t-shirts and airy dresses to street-inspired sweatshirts and jeans, designers from Brussels focus on craftsmanship, comfort, high-quality fabrics and a touch of humor in their designs. As family is one of the main factors influencing the brand, Bellerose also strives to make each of their products ethical and sustainable. Bellerose is elegant yet comfortable children's clothes, full of unexpected details. Bellerose baby clothes are urban, casual, but by no means sloppy. By choosing Bellerose, you are choosing a lifestyle with undeniable coolness! The "Bellerose style" is known to be casual and fresh. The concept behind every garment is to integrate versatility into your own wardrobe. Nevertheless, the designers focus on a style that fits every event. Each collection is connected with one another with a strong theme through colors, prints and fabrics. For the upcoming spring / summer 2021 season, the children's collection will include streetwear and sportswear. Suggestions for girls include spring colors and patterns. Each element of the collection mimics the personality of a play-loving child. From casual spirit to sporty character, there is something for every child.

Discover the latest bellerose products for spring-summer 2021

The concept of the Bellerose collection, their brand stores and even the apartments and houses owned by the brand's designers is derived from a large mix of eclectic influences. A classic rosewood cabinet can be placed on a rough concrete floor without hesitation. An Indian hairdressing salon with an unbelievable logo could very well become another T-shirt print. The classic American baseball team logo can be embroidered on a Japanese worker shirt, and a pre-1940 military coat found in a thrift store can be easily adapted to make it a unique and key piece of any collection. Brand designers are always curious about the world around them, not limited to one specific style. They prefer mixing and matching to purism. What brings all the collections together is authenticity, craftsmanship and the passion that goes with it.

Brussels. A city of diversity, creativity, art, antiques and all kinds of design. It is Brussels that is one of the main inspirations for designers. Bellerose Brussels fascinates for its amazing quality of being a perfect human and architectural kaleidoscope. In this city, more than 163 different nationalities and cultures pass by on the streets every day, thus creating a large, shamelessly cosmopolitan picture. The real treasure of Brussels is its architecture. It is one of the richest cities in Europe when it comes to buildings in the Art Nouveau style. Mostly in the municipalities of Ixelles and Saint-Gilles, but also scattered throughout the rest of Brussels, from Etterbeek and Schaerbeek to the historic center and the popular Marolles district (which is the center of antique shops in the city). When you stroll through the streets of Brussels, you constantly encounter different cultures, with their own specific atmosphere, fashion style and lifestyle. This - for the entire Bellerose family - is a constant source of inspiration.

We fell in love with Miss Lemonade especially with a few elements of the girls' collection. Our proposals concern clothes for girls aged 10-18. Let's start with dresses, which are the favorite wardrobe items of future vogue readers. "Pollie" is a vintage inspired dress in mini length with a few ruffles and ruffled details on the chest and back. We love the bold look of this leopard print dress. The "Pattie" dress is a bohemian style taken to the next level! You'll think it's just another long, airy summer dress - but that's a mistake - this cotton and lurex striped version provides a refreshing look. "Pattie" is a long dress with ruffled sleeves and a flared skirt that will give your child a lot of freedom every day. The collar with a frill is fastened with one button and has raglan sleeves. Just add a pair of fashionable leather sandals and sunglasses and your child will be ready to conquer any city. Believe me, every daughter will love such an outfit.

"Alaise" is a crinkled version of a mini skirt topped with a white and pink floral pattern! She is feminine, but not too serious, casual and easy to style. The skirt is made of viscose, thanks to which it slides freely over the body. The ruffles add a bit of playfulness. The "Alaise" skirt fits perfectly with the "Gelse" sweater from Bellerose. "Gelse" is a classic knit with a bit of fantasy, has ruffled cuffs and details make the difference! The sweater is feminine, the ecru version will go with everything.

A sensation in the SS21 collection by Bellerose is certainly the short denim jumpsuit "Pepina". This is a great proposition for a pleasant and comfortable summer! "Pepina" is the quintessence of fashionable children's clothing! The suit is distinguished by a single pocket at the back, a subtly faded color giving them a classic look and contrasting seams. Fully adjustable, it will be perfect with a simple tee or shirt. In addition, they will fit perfectly with any type of footwear, sandals, sneakers or with something bolder like high heels.

If your daughter goes to the beach or swimming pool, the "Playa" bag will be a great addition to the styling. The name speaks for itself! "Playa" is the perfect beach bag for the SS21 season, but it can also take it to other places, such as a picnic in the park. The bag features a contrast drawstring, wide straps for comfort, and is large enough to hold a beach towel, a good book, snacks, and a change of clothes. The bag is made of cotton with a military pattern and has a leopard lining inside.

Bellerose is definitely a premium clothing brand for the whole family, but our offers at Miss Lemonade are for women and teenagers. If you and your daughter dream of changing your wardrobe, or you are missing a few things, you will surely like the latest Bellerose offers for spring-summer 2021.

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