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With the SS21 collection, Bobo Choses charms us with the magical world of children's communication through a wide range of clothing products and accessories. Adriana Esparabla's fashion designs are characterized by a tasteful style and a kind of sense of humor, which is nimbly interwoven throughout the entire collection. Each of the unique clothes from Bobo Choses tells us a fairy tale story that was created especially for her needs, which makes their designs take on a completely new, fuller and deeper meaning.

The latest collection of children's clothing from the Spanish brand Bobo Choses is a celebration of creativity, endless possibilities and full freedom. The SS21 "For President" collection is full of contradictions, but precisely in its diversity it is fantastically consistent. The best quality materials, excellent workmanship and unique patterns make "For President" the perfect choice for lovers of original style.

Bobo Choses was founded in 2008 in Barcelona. The founders of the brand had the intention to create a brand that would reflect the magical and passionate language that all children use to express themselves. Often without words. The name of the Spanish brand - Bobo Choses is a clever combination of the word bo-bo, used by babies to be easily pronounced, which also means innocence in Spanish, and the word choses, which is the Spanish word for things, cosas. The creators of the brand explain their choice by wanting to present themselves as a brand that has something to do with all things belonging to the children's world. From children's shoes, through clothing, to accessories for mummy. The first official collection of the Bobo Choses brand, which was called The Englishman and the Sitting Bull, was presented a year later. The collection was joyfully received by children, parents and the Spanish media. Twelve years have passed since those days, and locally created Bobo Choses motifs can now be found even in the most prestigious children's stores in over 30 countries around the world.

Bobo Choses is a team of over a dozen extremely creative and passionate creators who work every day to create another nice and hilarious ways of understanding between us and children's imaginations. The Creative Department of Bobo Choses is led by the CEO and founder of the brand Adriana Epserabla, and the company is based in an old toy factory on the Mediterranean coast, approximately 50 kilometers from the Catalan capital, Barcelona. This place is very inspiring for everyone. Bobo is a global brand today, but the beginnings were rather modest. In one of the interviews, Adraiana admitted that she and her friend made the first attempt to create a collection of clothes for children under the influence of a momentary impulse, when both of them were unable to find children's clothes that they liked in children's stores. Therefore, they decided to create and produce with their own expense a mini-collection of children's t-shirts with prints and present it at Playtime Paris.

Let's take a look at the lookbook of the latest collection from the Spanish brand Bobo Choses. Children's styles arranged but chaotic, fun and with a distance. Children playing in the garden, behind the house, with a swimming pool, lots of greenery and endless space to play. They laze around, talk and laugh. They lie on the old couch to swim in the pool after a while. Ah carefree, trouble-free summer. It is difficult for adults to make the world a better place to live. What would children do if they were presidents? What would a child-led world look like? So what would a child's presidential campaign look like?

- A smile would be an inseparable element of human faces and hearts

- All the houses would be chocolate to make life tasty

- Each person would be the same size so that jealousy would not arise

- Animals would speak with a human voice so we could understand them more easily

- Schooling would only take place three times a week so that the heads would not be too busy

- Math would be much easier and history books would rhyme

- The only time of the year would be summer

- Spiders and lions would be pets and horses would be much cheaper so that everyone could move with their help.

But children don't have time for that because they love to play!

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Bobo Choses SS21

The SS21 "For President" collection includes 422 products, including products from the collection for children and babies, accessories and clothing for women and men. The color palette in the latest collection combines delicate and natural shades of such colors as: ecru, gray, anthracite, blue, purple, pale yellow and light pink. However, if you prefer something darker, you will also find products in shades of green and navy blue. The essence of the latest Bobo Choses products are fantastic prints on clothes that every little fashionista and young hunk will love. Bold and funny prints refer to the history of the collection. The spring-summer collection was created using a huge amount of various materials, weights and textures. Bobo has already got us used to it that he likes to replace conventional materials with more sustainable materials that have a lower impact on nature and human health, which is why, for example, the denim fabrics used are recycled. 98% of the collection is produced locally in Spain. Infant sizes range from 3/6 to 24/36 months while baby sizes range from 2/3 to 10/11 years.

You have probably heard rebellious screams from your baby while getting dressed or disguised. We guarantee that delicate cotton baby clothing from Bobo will make your toddler stop fussy. Perhaps you will even hear the wonderful sounding "we measure". Comfortable shorts, bodysuits and loose t-shirts are something that must be in every infant's wardrobe. Perfect for warm days, they look great and provide the necessary comfort for the child. Thanks to a looser cut, the shorts can easily accommodate not only a disposable diaper, but also reusable diapers. They also do not restrict the baby's movements. Summer will be beautiful.

Clothes from the SS21 collection have been decorated with graphics inspired by children's lines, showing fruits, plants and animals. If you are looking for the first fashion love for your daughter, then showing her products straight from sunny Spain will be a bull's eye. Skirts and dresses from Bobo will surely take the most important place in the wardrobe of every little fashionista.

If you are a mother of a little rascal, he will surely like T-shirts from Bobo Choses. They fit any type of shorts, sweatpants or fashionable baseball caps. Let his summer be endless dance and fun.

The SS21 "For President" collection brings to mind childhood moments spent in the countryside, filled with carefree. It puts us in a mood where time has stopped and the rays of the sun gently tickle our face.

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