A new collection from Bobo Choses for fall-winter 2017/2018 "Dear Word" which is now available in our Miss Lemonade store is inspired by the sea and all the beautiful things that the sea hides.

Patterns (prints) are inspired by the sea surface (beach crabs, flock of birds, sharp waves, sailing boats, the famous Bauspiel Alma toy from Siedhoff-Buscher), its inhabitants (shoal of colorful fish, octopus, coral reefs, jellyfish) and the maritime world: famous captains, the names of ships and the memory of marine environmental disasters.

The shapes are inspired by the clothes of fishermen and they are designed to fit into the fabric. With recycled polyester and organic cotton, the collection does not affect the ecological balance and it is environment-friendly.

The Bobo Choses brand was founded in 2008 with a view to creation of a clothing brand that can capture the magic and wonderful language of children. Comfortable clothes, carefully chosen colors, along with fanciful patterns make up for unique collections from Bobo Choses. Each of them is a fantastic world, individual characters, that have their own history. This allows each collection to be unique and funny, one that tells the story, making the clothes unique and exceptional. The most prized values and the foundations of the brand are creativity, passion, honesty and a sense of humor.

"Dear world, I hope you are having a very nice time. I have been a part of you and I appreciate you a lot. You contain so many beautiful and lovely things for us: the tall trees, the mountains with its sweet smelling flowers and the blue skies with all the birds on it. But the seas are what I like the most of you..."


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