In the upcoming spring-summer season, the Bobo Choses brand surprises not only with a fantastic collection of clothes for children, but also with the leitmotif for the SS 2023 collection. The brand's designs are a kind of ode to shyness - they emphasize individualism, and at the same time allow you to feel comfortable and at ease. Check out what your favorite brand Bobo Choses has prepared this time!

Adults usually remember their childhood as carefree and full of fun, even if it wasn't. Over the years, we just idealize our own memories. We forget, for example, that childhood is a period of intense learning and many challenges. Every day our little ones learn something new about the world and try to find their place in society. Fortunately, nowadays adults understand the secrets of children's development better and respect children's individuality more. Some children are bold and playful, even eager to socialize. Others prefer to play alone and seem serious for their age. Question for 100 points: which group of children described above is better? The correct answer is: all children are great.

The Bobo Choses brand focuses on the issue of children's shyness. Designers with their latest campaign emphasize that shyness is not a disadvantage. "We're quiet because we're at peace" - Calm kids who don't want to be the center of attention shouldn't be judged negatively. Are adults required to talk to all co-workers, even if they don't like someone? Do adults have to entertain everyone at family gatherings? Do adults have to participate in activities that they do not enjoy? Of course not. So why is it customary to require this from children?

The Bobo Choses clothing collection allows children to hide in a safe shell of comfortable clothes that are original enough to emphasize individuality and classic enough to ensure a sense of comfort and belonging. The Spring/Summer 2023 collection is full of friendly characters, for example: a squid in a hat, a hermit crab and a friendly starfish. Joyful characters put you in a positive mood, just like the colors that must be present in Bobo Choses clothes! This season, the brand made sure that lovers of natural, pastel and dark colors find something for themselves. All this creates a coherent whole - Bobo Choses t-shirts, shorts, dresses and jeans will prove themselves in every child's wardrobe. It is worth noting that the brand's designs are universal and will suit both girls and boys.

Poles are increasingly paying attention to the composition of clothes, which condemns polyester sweaters and T-shirts to failure. And very well! Such clothes should not exist at all, and meanwhile many well-known brands sell them at prices that even inflation are not afraid of. In any case, there is no such problem with children's clothes from Bobo Choses. Polyester can only be found in swimwear and backpacks, which is exactly as it should be.

Most of the clothes from the new Bobo Choses collection are made of cotton, including organic cotton and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. The latter type consists in modernizing cotton production to minimize the negative impact on the environment. It saves water and does not sterilize the soil. It also produces a smaller carbon footprint.

Bobo Choses creates clothes for boys and girls aged 2 to 13. Clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers up to 2 years old are also available.

Bobo Choses is a sustainable clothing brand, transparent in terms of production. This means that ecology is NOT a way of effective marketing for the brand. Bobo Choses has been actively working for the environment since the beginning of the brand's existence, i.e. since 2008. The brand owners emphasize that the characteristics of sustainable production determine the development and strategy of the company. Thanks to this, Bobo Choses focuses on improving the quality of life of consumers, cares for the environment and cares for employees, which is unfortunately rare in the clothing industry.

The Bobo Choses collection for the warm season 2023 will be available soon. We are sure that you and your children will like it! In the end, we want to leave you with the thought that it's okay to accept the child as he is. Support and acceptance is the most effective way to help a child spread its wings.

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