Outside the window, we are still greeted by the winter landscape, but soon the shops will be filled with clothes that joyfully herald spring. The Bobo Choses brand has just released its collection for the warm season. This is one of the most popular manufacturers of children's clothing, and the latest collection will surely delight you!

Designers of Bobo Choses know very well how to emphasize children's joy and the will to discover the world. Each collection of the brand is distinguished by a multitude of colors and original patterns that perfectly match children's tastes.

The collection for the spring and summer season does not differ from the previous ones. This year, the leitmotif of the collection is fruit, flowers and smiling dogs. When it comes to colors, beautiful blues, pinks, oranges and off-white predominate. The clothes are colorful, but not bright, which makes them playful and stylish.

The line of clothes for boys and girls for spring 2022 consists of fantastic wardrobe items. You can easily match the clothes that your little ones already have in the wardrobe. Bobo Choses wonderfully combines children's motifs and bright colors with a classic cut, perfect for everyday use.

Bobo Choses sews for children, which is why through his projects he communicates joy, fun and an unconventional approach. Children know no limits, and at the same time they can enjoy small things, such as a cute doggie printed on a sweatshirt!

The comfortable spring collection by Bobo Choses takes into account all the needs of children. The clothes are practical, children like them, and of high quality. They are perfect for everyday life, whether during classes in kindergarten and at school, or during walks.

T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants and dresses by Bobo Choses are made of natural fabrics: cotton, organic cotton and wool. The materials are breathable and pleasant to the touch, providing great wearing comfort. Every little explorer and lover of activity will feel comfortable wearing Bobo Choses clothes.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and colorful tracksuits are perfect for both boys and girls. Prints with fruits and dogs are gender universal. Every child will feel good in this fashion. Girls also have at their disposal excellent dresses and skirts, which are decorated with amazing floral patterns and geometric motifs.

Designers of Bobo Choses refer to the style of the atmosphere of the 80s and 90s, in line with the current trends. Boys and girls will pay attention mainly to comfort, so it is worth mentioning that the brand did a great job in this aspect as well! Bobo Choses children's clothes are loose, made of natural materials, airy and easy to clean. Nothing but choose and wear!

It is also worth mentioning accessories such as socks and hats. These are the extras that matter! Bobo Choses sews cotton socks and hats, which is especially important for comfort on warm days.

Bobo Choses has been operating on the market since 2008. Since then, the brand has been present in 45 countries, where it is one of the most famous brands of children's clothing. Despite the fact that the manufacturer sews clothes on a large scale, from the very beginning it focuses on sustainable production and sustainable development.

Best of all, the brand obtains most of its materials from recycling, thus using no new resources in the production process. This is of great importance for the environment! Recycling and upcycling is more labor-intensive and involves higher production costs. Despite this, the owners of Bobo Choses are not afraid to invest in the good of nature, setting other brands an excellent example.

It is also important that the clothes are sewn locally, without the use of harmful chemicals. This is complete safety for our children and employees. The owners of Bobo Choses are well aware that not only fashionable cut on clothes counts, but also the world in which our little ones can safely grow up. By choosing products from sustainable brands, we do not use our own money to support companies that do not respect the good of nature, and therefore the good of humanity. As conscious consumers, we have a chance to change the face of our planet.

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