Family gatherings on the beach, barbecues in the garden, splashing around in the pool… it must be summer! It's a season of great outdoor fun, although depending on where in the world you call your place home, the weather can be unpredictable. It can be warm and sunny one minute, and an unfavorable downpour the next.

 Dressing children for the summer can be quite a challenge, and children of different ages have different requirements. However, there is something that applies to all age groups, and that is the fact that little ones should not be exposed to too much sun. Babies under six months of age should always be covered up, and toddlers and older children should always use sunscreen to protect their delicate skin.


Summer baby clothes: Keep them cute and airy

It's not always easy to know how to dress the newest member of the family. Babies cannot regulate their temperature in the same way as older children or adults. Avoid exposing your baby to too hot or too cold weather and never expose your baby under 12 months of age to direct sunlight.

 However, that doesn't mean you should keep a baby home! When you are outdoors, try to avoid the sun by, for example, standing in the shade with an umbrella or putting on a baseball cap to protect your head from the rays. It is best that the cap has a visor that will cover the forehead and prevent burns.

 Dress children in thin, loose cotton layers. Natural fibers such as cotton and linen absorb moisture better than synthetic fibers, so they cool you better when it's warm and wick moisture away when your baby sweats. If you see that your child is still sweating, remove one layer of clothing. When the temperature reaches around 24 degrees Celsius, a single layer should be enough for a small child to feel comfortable.

 However, remember not to apply an excessive number of layers at night, because you do not have full control over their body temperature. Babies wearing too many layers of blankets or clothes are more likely to overheat and (sudden infant death syndrome).

 To protect your feet from the sun, wear cotton socks for your child. Babies who are not yet walking will probably still travel in a stroller, so they do not need summer shoes, but their feet still need effective protection from the rays.

 Protect your eyes from the sun with sunglasses with UV protection. You may not know it, but some clothes also have a UV protection rating. UPF is a rating system used for garments and measures the fabric's effectiveness in filtering ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVC) light.


Toddler summer clothes: Dressing little active people

When the temperature on the thermometers rises, young children are more likely to overheat and be exposed to the sun than adults. They're less likely to take a break from play and stay hydrated, so be sure to keep an eye on them at all times and carry plenty of water with them.

 There are lots of cute summer outfits for girls and boys that you can try out. Practical, durable clothes are paramount for these active little people. Dress them in light colors, as dark colors absorb more heat, making you more likely to overheat. Make them look and feel great with shorts and other clothing that's perfect for both boys and girls.

 Leggings are a versatile addition to your summer wardrobe, protecting little legs from the sun and protecting your knees from chafing. They can also be worn under summer dresses or skirts if the temperature drops in the evenings.

 Choose clothes with tight weaves to protect yourself from the sun. If you are able to see through the fabric when you put your hand in the pocket, the fabric does not offer enough protection from the sun's rays.

 There are few things prettier than a toddler wearing sunglasses. While it looks cute, this must-have summer accessory also protects their eyes from UV rays. A summer hat for a toddler remains essential, it's best to look for one that will cover the face and ears, which are particularly susceptible to sunburn. As for the fabric, it's a tight-knit cotton fabric for breathability and excellent sun protection.

 And of course, no toddler's summer wardrobe is complete without a swimsuit. Konges Slojd outfits and costumes provide good coverage and often have a UPF rating for extra protection from the sun. Pay attention to clothes with a UPF rating of 15 or higher, this means that only 1/15 of the sun's rays will be able to pass through the material.

 Sandals and flip-flops are essential summer footwear for toddlers. Choose closed shoes with non-slip soles for younger toddlers to protect little feet. It is worth noting that the shoes should be comfortable when you put them on your foot.


Summer clothes for older children

When your child is old enough to dress himself, let him express his personality. When taking them shopping, ask them to choose their favorite clothes, sometimes they can make questionable choices. After all, it allows them to be the person destiny chose!


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