Colorful dreams with Garbo and Friends!

Garbo and Friends bedding is very popular in Poland. It does not surprise us at all, because the quality of the fabrics and the aesthetics of the bedding mean that you do not have to think about buying the selected set! What is the secret of the popularity of the Garbo & Friends brand? If you want to know more about the production of high-quality children's accessories, read on!

The Garbo & Friends brand was founded in 2012 and is the result of a design that has been refined in every detail. It can be said that Garbo & Friends producers prove that even large companies can deal with ecological and ethical production. Brand accessories are made in various European countries to offer young customers only safe and durable products of the highest quality.

The main product of Garbo & Friends is bedding. Elegant bedding sets are made of natural fabrics obtained from Portugal. Soft organic cotton is dyed using only non-toxic dyes. Unique patterns are designed by the artist Susann Karlsson Nemirovsky. As a result, the bedding is extremely comfortable and luxurious: it is appreciated by children and adults. In line with the saying "If you make your bed, this is how you sleep" Garbo & Friends bedding provides an exceptionally comfortable sleep, because organic cotton cannot be made badly!

Garbo & Friends bedding is an absolute hit, because manufacturers use only the best materials to create brand accessories, such as organic cotton, wool, natural leather, linen, cashmere and wood. It can be assumed that at Garbo & Friends they don't even know what polyester is! Poland also has its share in building the brand, because it is also here that the elements from which unique Garbo and Friends interior accessories are created. We especially like the beautiful blankets and bedspreads. The aesthetics of Garbo & Friends easily adapt to different styles, adding coziness, freshness and charm to rooms.

The hot summer is coming, in which natural materials are a real treasure: the skin can breathe through them, and proper thermal insulation affects not only a comfortable sleep, but also the health of the toddler. Overheating can turn into a cold very quickly. With Garbo & Friends you will avoid this risk. For afternoon naps, choose the Mellow blanket made of linen and cotton. It looks beautiful and is also lightweight: you can take it with you wherever you go. Taking naps while riding in a pushchair has never been so comfortable! Ah, it's a pity we can't go back to those times ourselves!

Your baby is teething? It's high time to equip yourself with an army of safe teethers. Or maybe Garbo & Friends wooden teethers? Teethers produced in Germany meet all European standards, are non-toxic and simply loved by kids who appreciate gadgets for a comfortable massage of itchy gums. For spending free time, it is worth using a soft cotton bedspread, for example Garbo & Friends Fauna, which can be laid out on the floor, creating a perfect place for your child to play.

The Garbo & Friends brand is distinguished by the transparency of production and respect for the recipient. Garbo & Friends takes full responsibility for creating children's products that must be safe. In addition, it cares about minimizing the impact on the environment and providing appropriate conditions for people who work for the brand. At Miss Lemonade we are three times yes! How do you rate Garbo & Friends products?

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