Eco fun with Main Sauvage cuddly toys!

Many toys and accessories for children are made using the slave labor of other children. There is only one way to prevent this from happening: to check the brands we buy from so as not to support unethical manufacturers. At Miss Lemonade, we are also parents. We want the best for our children. We want them to discover the world safely and to be able to rely on us. We consciously promote sustainable brands in the store that care for people and the environment. Today we want to introduce you to Main Sauvage: toys straight from France!

Main Sauvage is a brand founded in 2015 by a young woman. Cécile made unique toys for children and sold them locally until Julien appeared in her life. The man noticed the uniqueness of the material toys created by Cécile and became very involved in the development of the tiny company. The efforts of the couple brought a remarkable effect. Main Sauvage today has its customers all over the world, also in Poland, which makes us very happy.

Main Sauvage accessories are primarily soft alpaca wool products. Woolen cuddly toys, bibs and pendants for pacifiers are beautiful, practical and appeal to the youngest. The Main Sauvage offer also includes handmade greeting cards and coloring pages. Accessories made of passion are intended for both younger and older children. We especially like cute teddy bears in elegant clothes, it's really hard to pass by them indifferently!

Children's accessories that are nice to touch play an important role in the life of every little one. In a way, they replace the parent who may not always be there. Hugging is very important in the development of a child, it gives him a sense of security, calms down, regulates emotions and helps him fall asleep. For these reasons, it is so important to surround beloved children with objects that are pleasant to the touch, which will be an excellent company for a child who gets to know the world around them.

Main Sauvage focuses not only on toys but also on childcare. Do you know muslin blankets? Muslin is a thin fabric obtained from wool - it has breathable properties and is very pleasant to the touch. By wrapping beloved babies in muslin blankets, we provide them with comfort and warmth, and at the same time prevent overheating. It is also worth mentioning that wool is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the delicate skin of children.

Alpaca wool has long been used in the production of children's clothes and accessories. The founder of Main Sauvage consciously decided to ethically source wool from young alpacas, which is used to produce the brand's handmade accessories. Main Sauvage toys and blankets are dyed with non-toxic dyes. Are you wondering what is the meaning of the paint used? Huge: for the environment and for people, because we absorb all chemicals through our skin when we wear ready-made clothes. By choosing accessories made of natural fibers, we protect nature and our children.

Main Sauvage emphasizes that the brand's products are created in an ethical and sustainable manner. Employees are adequately paid, and the production of Main Sauvage toys and accessories has a negligible environmental impact. Woolen blankets and toys are safe, durable, biodegradable and certainly won't end up in landfills. All Main Sauvage toys are certified and meet European safety standards. These features make us happy to host the Main Sauvage brand at Miss Lemonade!

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