The German brand Engel Natur was ecological even before it became fashionable. The company has been on the market for over 40 years and presents a quality that is rare today and a timeless style that will charm every adult who wants to dress their beloved children stylishly and fashionable. In turn, children and babies will enjoy the comfort offered by Engel Natur cotton and wool clothes.

We are in the 20s of the 21st century and we are struggling with the first effects of global warming. Unfortunately, many companies treat ecology only as a marketing slogan that will allow them to profit even more while destroying the environment as always.

As parents, we care deeply about the future of our children. We want them to develop in a beautiful world and not lack anything. We also like fashion and comfortable life, because who doesn't? Today's world gives us a lot of possibilities and also gives us a choice that we like to use.

Ecology does not have to mean moving to the forest and living in a shelter. We do not have to give up cool clothes, gadgets and toys for children. The point is to remember that nature is a cycle, so it is worth focusing on items that do not disturb this cycle, or have the least impact on the environment. This means that it is good to bet on natural materials that will decompose in the future. It is also worth buying good-quality things so that you can keep them from ending up in the landfill for as long as possible.

Established in 1982, the Engel Natur brand was the idea of ​​people who wanted to offer their customers quality in order to become a premium brand. For the owners of the company, the comfort and safety of children also mattered, because the skin of babies and children is so delicate! At Engel Natur, their beliefs have not changed to this day!

Children's clothes by Engel Natur are made of cotton, wool and silk. What's more, even elements such as buttons are made of materials that are safe for people and the environment. Free of nickel, phthalates and toxic paints, which unfortunately are common in fast and cheap fashion. Of course, someone can argue that children do not eat these clothes, so why worry about dye for fabrics. Nothing could be more wrong! We absorb the most toxins through our skin, which is why it is so important to pay attention to the composition of clothes, as well as washing powders and fabric softeners, because when wearing clothes, we also poison our body!

Nothing fits the skin as well as a breathable material such as cotton. Cotton clothes can be worn all year round, because they adapt perfectly to various temperatures. Airy clothes are especially important in babies, who usually dress warmer even in summer, and this is not the point of sweating and overheating the baby. It can be downright dangerous!

Caring moms and dads will be calmer when a breathable woolen or cotton cap is on the baby's head. What's more, woolen or cotton baby shoes will be just as good. Babies' feet also need to breathe! The same goes for rompers, sweaters, bodysuits and coveralls. Cotton is irreplaceable in summer, while wool is perfect in winter and during transitional periods.

A baby in breathable, soft and non-toxic clothes will be able to enjoy baby life, enjoy journeys in a comfortable stroller, wait for the first teeth and call for food at any time of the day or night. In turn, larger children will be able to fully use their inexhaustible energy, run, jump and enjoy without feeling hot and without the risk of catching a cold.

Finally, what we like the most is the possibility of sharing children's clothes with others. Fragrant babies do not damage clothes, so all clothes and accessories can be sold when the baby grows out of them. Good-quality Engel Natur clothes for older children may also be sold or given away. They will still look just as great as when they were new! It is worth bearing in mind, knowing that every second a truck full of discarded clothes arrives at the landfill in Bangladesh. Let us try not to contribute to this drama.

The latest collection from Engel Natur is perfect for the transition period between winter and spring, or autumn and winter. Children's sweaters, T-shirts and leggings can be worn all year round. What's more, they will be good for both girls and boys, because they have a very universal cut.

Our hearts were also stolen by cute woolen baby sleeping bags, perfect for naps or moments after an evening bath. On the outside, woolen overalls will work well. Soft, warm and so sweet, there are no words!

In turn, an element of the garment from Engel Natur, which we envy our children, is a raglan sweater with wooden buttons. The pinnacle of elegance, it goes with everything and it is made of one hundred percent soft, non-chewing wool.

If you want to provide your children with high-quality jackets for the cooler season, Engel Natur has great suggestions for you. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the brand and we are sure that it will positively surprise you!

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