We all look forward to the first rays of spring sun that herald family outdoor activities. Imagine it: airy sweatshirts, comfortable sneakers, and a gentle breeze and warm sun piercing through the white clouds. You want to leave the house right away! The latest children's collection by Wynken is also encouraging. See for yourself!

If from time to time you want to learn a few curiosities from the old days, magazines and guides from the 60s and 80s will be a real mine of interesting photos and descriptions. Sometimes we have the impression that it was not so long ago, but people looked at it differently back then. world. All these differences make for a fantastic collection! And we mention it because the designers of the Wynken brand were inspired by the magazine from 1978 when creating their spring / summer collection of clothes for children.

It wasn't just any magazine as it was The Great Outdoors, a children's illustrated magazine dedicated to outdoor activities. The editors closed the pages of each issue with a lot of positive energy! Children could learn tips and tricks that made spending time outdoors even more attractive.

Today, this formerly popular magazine has served as a model to create a unique collection of Wynken children's clothing. Every blouse, sweater, and pants for kids are designed to pay tribute to the freedom we miss so much during the pandemic. After nearly 3 difficult years and a memorable lockdown, we should even more appreciate the positive power of walks, joint games and activities that connect families and allow us to make new friends.

The owners, designers and employees of the Wynken brand have experienced the same experience as us, which is why the brand's children's clothes are not only nice and original, but also very functional. The Wynken Good Day Collection is designed to empower children to live the joys of everyday life. Because every day can be the best!

For a happy child, each day means new challenges and new dreams. Because for kids a dream can be, for example, a trip to the grocery store with their parents, or a visit to their favorite friend. Every day, the child tries to learn new things, be it to color without going over the line, or to do buttons on his own. And when it does, the joy reaches its zenith! And when mom or dad sees this little success and praises the toddler for resoluteness, joy will be like a journey into space, back and forth.

Wynken Spring / Summer garments are designed to enable children to easily overcome challenges and celebrate joy in full. The clothes are loose and the fantastic cut makes them fit perfectly on the body. They create a nonchalant, casual and stylish effect. Wynken patterned dresses for girls are perfect for everyday use as well as for the holidays. Same goes for boys' sweaters and shirts.

Wynken for Spring and Summer 2022 also features phenomenal sweatshirts, T-shirts and wide ankle-length sweatpants. You can easily create dozens of styles for your toddler, no matter what clothes he has in his wardrobe! All items of Wynken's children's wardrobe are made of organic cotton, which provides the skin with exceptional comfort.

The patterns on Wynken children's clothing were created by the brand's founder in collaboration with artist Alek Doherty. All motifs and patterns on the fabrics are painted by hand. Jumping rabbits, flowers, waves and other interesting patterns are the essence of a colorful and very classic children's collection of clothes for spring and summer.

Striped dresses and tracksuits for boys and girls look original, but you can easily combine them with other items of clothing. The perfect combination of white and subdued colors creates great styles and clothes, the quality and good style of which are visible for a kilometer!

Wynken Good Day is a collection that fits perfectly into everyday life, adding sparkle to it. Kids will love the comfort of the casual yet trendy cuts. Parents, on the other hand, will love Wynken for the quality that will save them extra work. The design of the latest spring and summer clothes collection will appeal to everyone!

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