Evening routine with Garbo & Friends!

Who loves evening baths, hand up! Bathing is an adventure for our children. This warm water, splashing and mum wrapping a soft towel - priceless! An evening routine can be fun and a way to show your baby your love. On this occasion, we wanted to introduce you to Garbo & Friends: a brand that cares about the comfort and colorful dreams of the youngest!

Every day is full of excitement for a child. The baby learns new things every day and fulfills his duties, including biting all objects that fall into spontaneous hands. Admit that it is an exhausting activity, so it is worth making sure that the evening routine is a source of relaxation that the whole family deserves.

As adults, we know the importance of a comfortable pillow to sleep on, a warm but not too hot duvet and soft blankets that encourage afternoon naps. Sleep hygiene is very important to our health and well-being, and children are no exception. They likewise need rest in comfort. So before you buy expensive polyester bedding, consider if there is a better choice. We advise: it exists! Time for your evening routine with Garbo & Friends!

First of all, a bath of your beloved baby: crazier than relaxing, but nevertheless evoking positive emotions. After bathing, quickly wrap the baby with a bath towel to dry the body and prevent colds. Children are so delicate! Garbo & Friends offers aesthetic cotton bath towels that will provide maximum comfort to little troublemakers. In turn, an absolute must-have for babies is a muslin blanket that can be used universally. Perfect for delicate baby skin. Airy and absorbent: they can be used as a blanket or a diaper.

After the bath, it's time for a fairy tale and fooling around! This time spent with the baby minimizes the risk of monsters appearing under the bed, which like to disturb the baby's restful sleep. Not this time! After the bath, wrap your toddler in a beautiful Bluebell bathrobe, which is not only comfortable, but also delights with style. A blanket will come in handy for reading fairy tales in the evening, such as the Mellow blanket made of linen and cotton. Comfortable and breathable - once you use a blanket made of natural materials, you will never go back to polyester blankets.

After the evening fun, it's time to sleep - the moment that all the parents of the little troublemakers are waiting for. Garbo & Friends has prepared wonderful bedding sets for children and adults. The sheets and pillowcases made of organic cotton provide comfort for people and the environment. Cotton has unique thermoregulatory properties, it is durable and anti-allergic. A peaceful and healthy sleep for your little one will not be such a challenge anymore. And when the monsters do not come out from under the bed, each toddler gets up in a better mood.

Garbo & Friends textiles produced in Portugal are certified. And although no certificate can certify the comfort of good bedding, it is good to know that it is also safe. Garbo & Friends also cares about the style of its accessories. Luxurious blankets and bedding will easily fit into any bedroom. Minimalist designs contribute to the atmosphere of tranquility and comfort, which we all value!

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