Fascinating history of dolls. See the most popular models of dolls for girls!

A doll is a timeless toy present in homes for generations. Today, children have a variety of dolls at their disposal: Barbies, babies, and even alien dolls! If you are curious what dolls were played with centuries ago and what dolls are currently breaking records of popularity - we invite you to read!

Dolls have existed since ancient times!

Toys play a very important role in a child's life, but we know very little about children from prehistoric or ancient times. Meanwhile, archaeological excavations have allowed scientists to prove that the first dolls appeared in ancient times. They were made of clay or wood and were far from today's Spanish dolls, or the popular Barbie dolls. It is worth noting, however, that even these primitive dolls had movable limbs! Unfortunately, there are many indications that they were not used for children to play, but were intended for religious purposes.

Fortunately, it was finally realized that children's dolls are an area worth developing. The era of the Renaissance has arrived, and with it fantastic ideas. The children's toy industry has begun to develop. The official beginning of the existence of toy dolls is considered to be the 16th century, when girls from good homes could play with custom-made dolls. They were rag dolls, but their dresses were the envy of many elegant ladies.

For centuries, children have played with toys made by themselves from leftover materials, twigs and even vegetables. We must remember that children's imagination has no limits and even the most busy children from the Middle Ages had to play. In any case, dolls first became a universal bestseller only in the 19th century. Rag cuddly toys were replaced with elegant dolls made of biscuit, sometimes called half-porcelain. The ceramic dolls had hand-painted faces and were delightful. However, they worked better as collector's items than toys. Delicate dolls in ornate dresses could only be invited to a mock tea party, provided they stood still in a safe place. Girls from the 19th century didn't have it easy!

Dolls and toys closest to the form we know today were produced as early as the 1950s (at that time the Barbie doll made its debut). Mass production, which began in the 20th century, changed the world of toys. Plastic has contributed to this, making toys cheaper, more diverse and more accessible.

The most popular dolls for girls - an overview of the bestsellers

For several decades (!) Baby dolls and Barbie dolls have been the most popular. Of course, these toys have changed their form over the decades, adapting to the prevailing trends. There is no doubt that current technologies allow you to create unique dolls. Baby doll as alive? This is no challenge for producers today.

Analyzing the rankings of the most popular dolls for girls, we noticed that baby dolls and Barbie dolls are actually equally popular. Usually a girl wants a baby doll and a Barbie doll in her collection, because how do you decide? As a rule, however, younger children choose large Spanish dolls or dolls that look like real babies. Such dolls are also more suitable for children under 3 - they do not contain small parts.

Interestingly, the Barbie doll, beloved by generations, may never have appeared on the market. The wife of the owner of the Mattel company (the producer of Barbie) proposed to create a small adult doll. A wise woman noticed that her daughter, who spent hours playing with paper dolls, played almost exclusively with figures representing adults. The girl's father was skeptical about the idea, but the woman did not give up and finally Barbie officially entered the world of children's dreams in 1959.

The first doll for a girl - our suggestions!

At Miss Lemonade, we focus on niche products, from sustainable production and, of course, safe for children. In our store you will also find bestsellers among dolls. These include beautiful Spanish dolls and baby dolls. We focused on two unique brands: Minikane and Miniland. The precisely made, non-toxic dolls have equally safe accessories, and their clothes are made of cotton. These toys will not only last for years, but also do not pose a health risk.

Did you know that in the first years after the invention, Barbie dolls had hand-sewn clothes? Such quality is rare today, which deprives many toys of magic and charm. Meanwhile, Minikane dolls designed by Paola Reina have everything that a breathtaking toy for a child should have. Charm, quality, variety. and accessories! The beautiful Minikane Amiga doll can become your daughter's favorite companion, and the cute baby Minikane Mae will delight even the most demanding lovers of playing with dolls.

Both brands offer dolls of different nationalities. You can also choose from matching, timeless accessories in the form of clothes, carriers, prams and cradles. All this begs for hours spent playing.

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