Fashlo - a second life for unique vintage clothing.

One of my earliest (and sweetest) childhood memories related to fashion is shopping with my grandma. We were then looking at old clothes on shelves in a small neighborhood store with second-hand clothes, which was located in our hometown. I also remember the scarf and hat that my grandmother made for me one cold winter when she saw my warm clothes. She cared. She wasn't inspired by the fashion from Milan or Paris, she just bought a yarn in my favorite - pink - color. I was happy. I also remember that when I got older and started to discover my first fashion inspirations, I asked my mother to put a patch on my denim jacket with the image of a fairy tale character. She looked fantastic! My older brother, on the other hand, loved to play football. He played for hours, which is why he often glued his shoes, which he kept tearing from kicking the ball hard.

These memories - the shopping ritual with my grandma, mending and modifying clothes - led (I believe) to my love affair with fashion. To this day, there is nothing better for me than bustling around in second-hand and vintage stores where I can find a one-of-a-kind garment that makes me know no one else will wear or wear it. What's more, I love the benefits of second-hand shopping (it's profitable, puts quality over quantity), I appreciated it when I grew up. Zero waste, less waste, eco trends, pre-owned. The Reloved concept allows you to maintain a deeply rooted relationship with fashion without rejecting the latest trends.

 Like most fashion lovers, I love to browse the catwalk photos and find trends and micro trends, popular patterns and general tailoring themes. And that's what's beautiful about second-hand fashion - it's closer to the latest styles than you might think. Second-hand clothes allow me to try out trends right away, instead of waiting for the collections to be produced by designers. As an inexpensive way to try out hot stuff, secondhand is fantastic because when you go to it you reach for a source of inspiration for new collections. Fashion is back - it's not just an empty slogan.

As a second-hand buyer, I am well aware of the elitism and inaccessibility that the vintage clothing industry can sometimes fall victim to. I am delighted that second-hand clothing is gaining momentum and getting the recognition it deserves, but there is a risk of it becoming something of a kind of art reserved for fashion students, magazine editors, and those with a penchant for eccentric retro aesthetics. If second-hand clothing is to become mainstream, it must be accessible to everyone, just like the well-known stores.

While my job is to cover everything that's up to date - from the most cutting-edge brands, designer ideas to the latest products - I still have a deeply entrenched relationship with vintage and used fashion. That is why an online store with used clothes for children - FASHLO - was created.

FASHLO - this is a store that sells beautiful used pearls for children that will easily integrate with a modern wardrobe. FASHLO allows you to love vintage fashion and combine it with the latest trends. Not only will you find something unique and individual here, it is likely that the new experience with the reloved concept will allow you to keep these clothes in a children's wardrobe much longer than what you found in the popular fast fashion store.

Sourcing second-hand clothing can be a rewarding pastime. Try to complete or refresh your child's wardrobe with vintage fashion. Regardless of whether it is quality, cut or material, in FASHLO you will find trends that will easily find a place in your wardrobe. Something for winter? No problem - FASHLO offers plenty of outerwear, cozy knitwear, classic accessories and warm, all-season sweaters. Something for the summer? Nothing simpler - browse through a very wide selection of fashionable T-shirts (bigger than in many shopping malls!), Skirts and airy dresses.

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    • Aga
    • 2021-12-14 09:07:09
    Bardzo przyjemny tekst i świetna inicjatywa sklepu. Uwielbiam modę z drugiej ręki i sama regularnie wypatruję "nowości" na tym rynku.

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