Do you dream of a rest from the heat? Well, we have to wait a little longer, but it cannot be denied that autumn is waiting for its turn somewhere. August, which we will welcome in a few days, is like the last breath of holidays. It is the perfect time to complete a school layette for a child. It is also a good time to take a closer look at your child's fall / winter wardrobe - last year's clothes are probably too small. Fortunately, The New Society brand has new proposals!

Although children do not react to cold in a strange way, as adults do - despair and bad mood, they also have to dress warmly. Sometimes we complain about the (un) golden Polish autumn and snowy winter, but then we remember the reality of 35 degrees in the shade and the rain with snow suddenly ceases to be bothersome. In any case, it is worth remembering that in the cold season you can also overheat the child's body. Extreme cases do not occur because parents are vigilant, but in winter children may complain of discomfort and the uncomfortable feeling that they are too hot. Fortunately, this can be remedied, and good cotton comes to the rescue. Remember that polyester will work only in the form of outerwear or bathing suits. Underwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters and pants should be made of natural materials, of which cotton is the most practical and easily accessible material. The breathable material will provide the skin with adequate ventilation and thermal comfort without feeling overheated.

Since we have established the most important tips for creating fall-winter stylizations, we can move on to presenting the latest collection of The New Society. A well-known European brand of children's clothing invites you to another season of good style and comfort. The fall-winter collection of the brand includes timeless clothes for girls and boys, babies, mums and mums in a two-pack, waiting for the birth of the long-awaited toddler. Beautiful clothes from The New Society for pregnant women will prove themselves all year round, as well as other practical items of clothing proposed by the amazing Estefania Grandio!

The New Society has relied on natural earth colors since its inception. There are several advantages of this solution. First of all, it makes washing easier, and with children the washing machine works like in a hotel - non-stop. Secondly, it allows you to easily and conveniently combine various clothes into an aesthetic, coherent whole. You can effortlessly create an outfit for your child, be it for school or for dinner at grandma's, without worrying that something will go wrong. Even if you fall asleep and you complete your baby's outfit from under half-closed eyelids and with your brain still plunged in the dreamland, everything will end well. Well, unless you put your child on two different shoes, but a school-age toddler will quickly correct this error. And the baby will surely forgive you for this oversight.

So, in The New Society's fall and winter 2022 collection, we have such pleasant colors as navy blue, mustard, ecru, brown, white and gray. The colors are kept in beautiful, saturated shades. The eye rests when looking at these matching sweatpants and stylish coats and jackets. We particularly like the proposals for little men, and this is because all the proposals are not only fashionable and beautiful, but in a non-intrusive way smuggle a bit of elegance. Because you know, at a certain age a girl is still easier to dress than a boy. Boys by nature have an aversion to more elegant outfits, and sometimes there is no way out and you have to put on a shirt and "crease pants". Meanwhile, The New Society has created sets that are comfortable as a tracksuit and stylish as a suit straight from the cover of a fashion magazine. This is how the vintage style and earth tones work!

As for patterns, plain motifs, devoid of many patterns, prevail. There are classic floral patterns, stars on a white background, or a checkered and herringbone pattern strongly referring to vintage fashion. Such clothes fit perfectly with the items of clothing that are already in the child's wardrobe.

Estefania Grandio - the founder of The New Society brand, wonderfully combines contemporary ease with the charm of vintage style. Fashion eagerly returns to the iconic designs and cuts from years ago, and it is hardly surprising. Vintage themes are timeless and always look good, especially when skilfully combined with a modern twist, as is the case with The New Society designs.

It is worth noting that The New Society clothes are the result of the work of people from Portugal and Spain. The brand is niche, luxurious and sustainable. Estefania also has young children, so she perfectly understands how important it is to minimize the negative impact of humans on the environment. Thanks to this, children's clothes made by the creative hand of the designer have great quality, timeless style and do not use human slave labor. What's more, the materials come from proven sources and have European certificates, including the GOTS certificate. Nothing but wear!

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