It is hard to believe, but in a moment we will welcome October and the pumpkin season that is loved by many. This month is also associated with the popular Halloween holiday. Kindergartens and schools are always preparing fantastic events for children on this occasion. The end of September is a good time to look for a Halloween costume for your child. We present you our proposals!

The Halloween costume is different from a child's everyday wardrobe, which is why the little ones like it so much. Because you know, a few-year-old dressed as a wizard can really feel like a wizard. This is a skill that adults can only dream of!

A Halloween costume for a girl may refer to fairy-tale characters, and may also be a loose reference to the symbols of childhood. For us, such a symbol are princesses who, despite the passage of years and changes made by generations, are still adored by children (and adults raised on Disney's fairy tales). You could say that a princess costume is such a safe choice when it comes to Halloween costumes. First of all, because your daughter will almost certainly like it, and secondly: it gives the possibility of various combinations. With the Numero 74 brand, you can create costumes for several princesses. Each of them will be unique and equally interesting. All you need to do is choose the right accessories in the form of a hairband and jewelry (nothing emphasizes the princess style as much as a shiny plastic necklace). And it's ready!

Another cool Halloween costume option that we associate a bit with the 90s is the butterfly costume. The Numero 74 brand comes to the rescue again, offering beautifully sewn cotton costumes for small butterflies. The costumes are adjustable in size, so they are great for children aged 4 to 9. The great classic is the Halloween fairy costume. The glitter collection of Glitter Star accessories is pure magic that will appeal to every charming daughter!

Thanks to their quality, the Halloween costumes from Numero 74 are comfortable, beautiful and can go from hand to hand, unlike disposable costumes, which often cost a lot and are not even washable. And although the Halloween costumes from Numero 74 are not cheap, they can be sold later, thus reclaiming some of the money spent. The wallet is full and the whole planet - no additional rubbish in landfills.

Halloween costumes for boys are as fun as those for girls. This will surely reassure parents who raise their daughters and sons under the same roof. It must be fair. In Miss Lemonade you will find not only a fairy costume, but also a wizard, which in the case of siblings will allow you to create a charming duo. For such magicians it is necessary to prepare magic cocoa, and end the day full of magic with a relaxing hour reading books, of course magic. A similar duo can be created with princess and prince costumes.

One of the most interesting Halloween costumes for a boy will be a pirate costume. Pirates fascinate children almost as much as dinosaurs (maybe because pirates are allowed to mess around?). And if you'd rather your son not smash the school to pieces, you can put him in a calmer mood by making him a Phoenix costume. The magic bird costume, which is a symbol of getting out of hopeless situations, is a good opportunity to casually tell your child that it is just as special and brave. Did you get a bad grade at school? Don't worry, it'll be better next time - we'll learn for a test together.

A costume for a journalist or journalist can also be an idea for an original Halloween outfit. The toy camera is on offer in our store, and you will surely find the rest in your child's wardrobe!

In Poland, Halloween is celebrated rather symbolically, but it cannot be denied that this holiday is a great opportunity to disenchant a gloomy autumn. On the other hand, children are always enthusiastic about creative games, and the possibility of dressing up as their favorite superhero or superhero is outer space! Children's joy knows no bounds and it is worth doing everything so that beloved children experience this joy as often as possible. Adults, and often even teenagers, cannot feel such unbridled happiness anymore, so it is worth using every opportunity to smuggle a bit of magic into a child's life.

If your children are too young to go to a Halloween party at school or kindergarten, or the educational institution does not organize a meeting, you can make the Halloween afternoon special yourself. And it's not even about the feast itself, but about the opportunity to have a dinner together or watch an animated fairy tale The Addams Family. Favorite dinner, sweet snacks, colorful costumes and, in addition, parents next door! For a toddler, there is no better scenario for the afternoon.

If you want to choose the best Halloween costume for a child, you can ask your child for tips. And if the toddler is not determined, it is worth offering him costumes from which he can choose. It is worth preparing characters that can actually be copied. A princess costume or a pirate costume is not a problem, but if you offer your toddler an alien disguise with your own ship, get ready for additional DIY work! Not that there is anything wrong with it, but we know from our own experience that not every parent feels good in art. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives!

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