Not only children have a weakness for colored stationery accessories, but it is for them that the Californian brand OOLY, present on the market since 2005, works. Colorful iron-on labels, stickers, scratch cards and other school supplies will take your child to the world of creativity and fun. Because learning new things doesn't have to be boring!

We associate the United States with carefree, possibilities and colorful gadgets of all kinds. These are, of course, stereotypical associations, dating back to the times of the Polish People's Republic. It must be admitted, however, that the above description fits the OOLY brand like a glove! Accessories created by the Californian brand are carefree, colorful and even infect you with a positive mood.

OOLY introduces magic to the child's life, and at the same time encourages the development of creativity. Thanks to OOLY stationery accessories, children can express themselves artistically, with joy in fulfilling school duties, or find the perfect way to deal with boredom.

The hallmark of the OOLY brand are DIY products ("do it yourself" in Polish), colored erasers - which can also be used as toys - and accessories for drawing and painting. The extremely eye-catching scratch cards are also noteworthy. A safari party presenting African animals, a scratch game with dogs or pets is a way to make rainy days more attractive and disenchant any bad mood.

The manufacturer of OOLY ensures that all brand products are certified, and before they enter the sales market, they undergo a series of tests, thanks to which it is possible to confirm their compliance with European safety standards. Quality is also encouraging!

The development of a child's fine motor skills is also done through painting and drawing. Some kids are more fond of creativity on paper, others less, but OOLY has something that will undoubtedly encourage any child to be creative.

OOLY pencils are a real kingdom of possibilities. Glitter-framed pencils, erasable pencil crayons, crayon paints, and even heart-shaped two-color crayons: you'll find everything a little lover of drawing and painting can dream about! OOLY even has peeled colored pencils - you don't need to sharpen them.

Our hearts were also stolen by cute erasers in the shape of unicorns, llamas and astronauts. Fragrance erasers can also be used as toys that you can easily take with you to school. The friendly, pink unicorn will gladly support the toddler during school and cheer him up.

Young children, like adults, experience stress severely, but at the same time have more resources to deal with it. Therefore, a small toy can give a child the strength to face his own fears. And the success in dealing with the problem immunizes the little explorer against future stress. Children's accessories are magical and interesting for a reason. Everything here has a specific purpose for the benefit of the child. It's wonderful how unique, brave and smart children are and how little it takes for them to develop wonderfully.

OOLY is also an extensive collection of paints and felt-tip pens, drawing blocks, removable tattoos and iron-on transfers that allow you to transfer the world of colors and shapes beyond the white sheet of paper. Every girl and boy will find something for themselves!

For adults, school seems attractive and easy, but children have far better things to do than follow the well-established curriculum. Toddlers want to discover the world, not sit in a bench for hours doing what everyone else does.

School is important and although it has many disadvantages, we will not avoid sending our children to it. It is important to equip your child with the right approach and a set of skills, thanks to which the child will bravely endure the hardships of spending time at school.

School should be described as something positive, as part of everyday fun, which will always bring you something interesting, even if it is just, or maybe even, math, which is difficult to describe as having fun. Learning is an interesting challenge and the will to develop will be of great help to the child in school. So is creativity, the ability to relate to others, and assertiveness.

Colorful, attractive school supplies will make school activities, which are sometimes monotonous, more pleasant for the child. Colorful accessories for children are like a payday for adults: they are a reward for hard work. And the point is not to buy your daughter or son new gadgets for every good grade, but to make the brave student notice the real benefits of learning new things, and make it easier for him.

OOLY school accessories such as pencils, insane erasers or joyful pens will surely be a fantastic diversion at school. At home, in turn, they will encourage you to do homework. Let us remember the importance of the presence of parents and praise for the next milestones in the development of our beloved toddler.

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