Happy sunbathing with Petites Pommes!

Where to go on vacation this year? Summer is fast approaching, it's high time to set the destination of the long-awaited journey. Imagine the warm sand, the sun's rays shimmering gold on your skin and the gentle sound of sea waves ... We are sure that this is what the creators of the unique Petites Pommes beach accessories had before their eyes.

Don't let big logos and giant flamingos distract you from precious moments and beautiful landscapes - this is the motto of Petites Pommes that guides the entire collection of unique swimmers for children. We must admit that the series of beautiful Classic Floats swimming accessories fits perfectly with the vision of a sunny holiday on a clean, warm beach. The combination of high quality and classic design creates beach accessories that are functional and inconspicuous. Ideally, we can focus on enjoying the moment.

We particularly like the motto of the Danish brand. Nowadays, we have little time to pay attention to the details of everyday life, and the holiday landscapes are definitely worth attention. Especially that we spend this special time with our loved ones. A smile on a tiny face and joyful moments spent together are priceless. Let us appreciate them, children grow up so fast!

The possibility of splashing in the water acts like a magnet for young sunbathers. It is worth making sure that the little ones can freely and safely float on the water. The producers of Petites Pommes approached this task with great attention to detail. And here's some great news: adult floats are also available! We can share the pleasure with children, floating on the waves with style and style. No stall floats can match the quality and style of Petites Pommes accessories.

For a girl, it is worth choosing a classic swimming wheel, which is a combination of white and a selected color from a wide range of colors. Does a little sunbather want the most beautiful shade of pink? Here you go: French Rose or Baby Dark Rose combined with white create a design that will steal the heart of every girl. For an energetic beachgoer, we recommend the Baby Seawater wheel with an interesting sea theme. These are, of course, only examples, because there are plenty of styles available. Hand-painted Petites Pommes swimming wheels will appeal to everyone. First of all, because they are very practical and comfortable.

If you choose floats for the whole family every season, just before your vacation, because last year's are not suitable for use, you will appreciate the quality of Petites Pommes accessories. The floats are made of durable PVC material of appropriate thickness. They do not contain BPA and phthalates, which unfortunately can be found in this type of products very often. Meanwhile, with Petites Pommes, you will explore many beaches! The timeless design of swimming wheels will always impress sunbathers.

We almost forgot to mention the most important! Family activities on the beach, more precisely bouncing a beach ball, are a must-have during your vacation. Use the cute Petites Pommes Otto beach ball to tame little troublemakers. We assure you that this carefree time with children will be the source of their most beautiful memories.

At Miss Lemonade, we are ready to conquer the beaches, and you?

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