How to dress a baby in hot weather? The best clothes by Konges Slojd, Bobo Choses and Numero 74!

Poland has come to the longed-for summer! Unfortunately, the weather does not know moderation and either attacks us with a tragic cold or a series of hot days that can be really bothersome. The heat has a special effect on infants and children, who must be strictly protected against the sun's rays and against overheating of the body. Find out how to dress your baby on hot days and what materials are recommended!

Protect baby's delicate skin from the sun - summer clothes

Adults cope with heat by exposing the body and following the principle that the less clothes, the greater the comfort. In the case of babies, we must be very careful because the baby's skin is very delicate! Even slight exposure to the sun can cause burns or a sunstroke.

If the baby will travel in a stroller - all you need is a cream with a filter (preferably SPF 50) and a cotton body with exposed limbs. Everyone also agrees that in the summer we lower the roof of the stroller, replacing it with an umbrella. Why? This ensures adequate air circulation. The dark shed of the stroller can create a sauna for the child inside, which will not be beneficial.

Children's summer bodysuit should cover the hands and feet when the toddler is outside the shadow zone. In this case, some talk about covering the hands and feet even during short moments in the sun. In our opinion, it is worth staying with your baby in the shade, under an umbrella or a canopy. Avoid the sun during such intense heat.

When it comes to materials for the summer, cotton or linen will be the perfect choice. Pay attention to the fashionable and very comfortable baby jumpsuits made of organic cotton, offered by the Konges Slojd brand. A great choice for the summer for a newborn baby will also be delicate, airy costumes from Numero 74. Loose baby rompers and rompers will provide the baby with comfort and safety.

Cotton hats for protection from the sun - Konges Slojd and Bobo Choses

In the first months of life, the baby's head needs additional protection. Soft head hats are also essential in summer. When you are outside with your baby, even with brief sun exposure, a hat will be essential. On hot days, the sun's rays are surprisingly strong, so you should protect your baby from sunstroke.

Baby hats made of thin cotton will be a great choice. The scalp will be able to breathe freely, which will reduce the risk of overheating the body and improve the baby's comfort. For maximum safety, it is better to stay home between 11:00 and 16:00.

What to cover a newborn baby with on hot days? Tetras diapers

Newborns like to take a sweet nap during the day. During sleep, the body cools down, so it is not worth giving up the cover entirely. However, we strongly advise against any blankets - at 33 degrees outside, thick fabric will be too warm, even if the blanket is made of cotton.

In summer, it is worth equipping yourself with good quality baby diapers. Muslin diapers or diapers are a multi-purpose element of a baby's layette. They are perfectly breathable, safe for the baby's skin, and at the same time light and pleasant to the touch.

In hot weather, you should also remember to water frequently - both yourself and your baby. In the case of newborns, we should also not be surprised by more frequent than usual calls for feeding.

You should review all the tips on how to dress your baby in hot weather with your baby. Mom's sensitive eye will certainly notice the symptoms of overheating. We must remember that a lot has changed since the time of parenthood of our parents and grandparents - first of all, children do not need to be dressed in several layers of clothes.

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