How to spend Mother's Day and Children's Day? Suggestions for celebrating together!

Mother's Day is just a few days later, and soon we can enjoy another wonderful holiday - Children's Day. This is a great opportunity to plan your time differently and celebrate together. Discover the offers of games and activities from Miss Lemonade!

We are sure that your beloved toddler (or toddlers) has so many toys that there will be plenty of scenarios for having fun together. On special days, such as Mother's Day and Children's Day, don't make excuses! Put down the phone, forget about work and go to the children's kingdom! Are you worried that you lack your imagination? Don't worry, your child will forgive you.

Game # 1: Treasure Hunt

Hunt for treasures is a great fun scenario for Children's Day, when you want to give your toddler a gift. We encourage you not to just give your child a gift, but to play the Indiana Jones team. Hide a gift or gifts, such as a Singer Naturwelt cuddly toy, a packet of sweets, or a Konges Slojd wooden toy set, and then prepare hint cards.

At the beginning, give the child 1 piece of advice, for example: A powerful mage is waiting for you by the refrigerator. Complete the breakfast mission and you'll get another hint that will bring you closer to the treasure. The mage will of course be the dad who, after completing the mission (it is worth preparing the child's favorite breakfast), will give another hint.

The next pages can be hidden in any place - you are limited only by your own imagination. We assure you that your son or daughter will remember this day for a long time! Don't worry if your little explorer can't read. What does Indiana Jones get helpers for?

Fun number 2: Beauty salon

If you have a little princess at home, you need to know that she is just waiting to try your cosmetics. Children love their parents and are eager to do what they do. So if you find it boring to do makeup every day before work, know that your daughter would replace more than one toy to be able to make up with your "toys".

Not all cosmetics for adults are safe for baby's skin. We have a better idea - Konges Slojd wooden cosmetics set. Honestly, the giants of the cosmetics industry could follow the example of the Swedish manufacturer and start producing beautiful, ecological and durable cosmetics. When you give your little make-up master a Konges Slojd set, make sure you participate in the fun. On this day, turn into a client of the best beauty salon in the city.

Children love to play in everyday life. Baking cupcakes, shopping at the teddy bear shop and stuff. It is a natural element of development and it is worth supporting the toddler in it. If you are looking for a Children's Day gift, pay attention to other Konges Slojd wooden toys that create ready-made play scenarios.

Fun number 3: Fortress

A classic among games. Who among us has not dreamed of building a great fortress out of pillows and a blanket? Nowadays, you don't have to make such a mess to build a great base. We present cotton canopies, on the other hand, Numero 74. Easy to install and perfect for use at home or outside. In such a hidden fortress in a house or garden, children of any age can hide. A brilliant option for young children are also Indian teepees, from which you can not take your eyes off. Numero 74 took care of the smallest details!

Game no. 4 Great family trip

Nice weather makes you want to spend your free time outside. Pack a canopy, a soft blanket and some goodies, then head out for a family picnic. You can also play with your child outdoors. You can add a bit of mystery to the trip and take your toddler to a completely new place that will delight him. For such a big event, we recommend taking a thermos, for example Konges Slojd Miso Moonlight. Any explorer will be happy to drink from such a cute thermos! And if we are with the Konges Slojd brand, also pay attention to comfortable clothes and cotton hats. A comfortable outfit during walks is essential!

Mother's Day in schools and kindergartens is connected with Father's Day, so we ask all dads not to feel left out. The more family members play together, the better. Our goal is that Mother's and Father's Day is a wonderful day when parents receive cards, poems and a double portion of love. And there is no better way to show your child gratitude than spending time together. It is also the most beautiful gift - Toddlers never have enough fun with their parents, which changes quickly as they enter adolescence. So when you give your toddler a great toy for Children's Day, remember to play with it together.

Finally, we wish all mums, dads and all children (even those who celebrate their 18th birthday twice) that the days of carefree and fun happen as often as possible!

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