Hvid children's accessories - the kingdom of good quality

Today we are moving to a small Belgian town to get to know the Hvid brand better. Caroline and Steven are responsible for unique baby products: a couple who care about the quality of each product. Admittedly, this is unheard of today! We assure you that soft organic cotton blankets or cute merino wool bears will charm you!

Mass production has dominated the market, including its luxurious part. Well-known companies and chain stores focus primarily on profit, cleverly avoiding quality and ethical requirements. Due to the high cost of production, there are really few ethical brands that care about quality and employee wages. Fortunately, the Hvid brand is doing very well, meeting all quality and ethical requirements. A tiny company and expansion into the global market? It is possible!

The fabrics used to make cute Hvid baby accessories are made in a small factory in Belgium. In turn, the finishing works are carried out by the founders of the Hvid brand themselves, persistently working in their home. In this way, the brand reduces costs, and buyers of soft blankets, hats and shoes can be sure that they get a perfect product. Children's gadgets are made of ethically sourced merino wool, which is famous all over the world for its properties. Merino wool is heat-insulating, antibacterial, stain-resistant and allows the skin to breathe. It is also worth mentioning that it is very pleasant to the touch and looks beautiful!

Hvid cares about the youngest customers, offering charming knitted shoes made of merino wool. Elegant baby shoes are tied, airy and very comfortable! You must remember that merino wool does not make the skin itchy. Additionally, it has an antibacterial effect. Hvid Booties Oat shoes are perfect for children with extremely sensitive skin. Similar properties have beautiful Hvid caps, which perfectly protect the child's sensitive head during walks.

Unique Hvid accessories are also baby blankets and cocoons made of organic cotton or merino wool. Pleasant to the touch, breathable and safe for delicate babies, they will be the perfect company for every afternoon. Speaking of babies, check out the cute pacifier pendants. Hvid pendants are also made of merino wool. This is one of the most original and at the same time extremely practical solutions. A pendant that is nice to the touch may make the baby more likely to wear a pacifier.

Practical children's accessories by Hvid have one property that may seem controversial - frequent washing is not recommended as it is not necessary. Wool cleans itself in contact with oxygen, so there is no need to refresh it by washing. Wool products are simply aired. At this point, ecology enthusiasts are applauded loudly. Laundry uses huge amounts of water, and plastics additionally emit microplastics that flow into the seas and oceans. Fabrics made of natural fibers do not do this to nature. And what is good for nature is also good for man.

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