A good school backpack is not only the possibility of carrying school supplies for classes. It is primarily the motivation and essence of being a student. The backpack for the student is like a car for the rally driver - indispensable! How about Jeune Premier backpacks? Luxurious and sought-after backpacks without a hint of exaggeration can be considered the most beautiful backpacks for children!

It may seem that in order to be successful in life (no matter how great), a person must have spiritual and financial support, preferably parents. This belief often makes people give up at the start, taking away the opportunity to pursue their passions and dreams. It is worth eliminating this approach from your life and perhaps the story of Hélène Fransen - the founder of the Jeune Premier brand will help you in this.

Today, Jeune Premier backpacks are considered exceptionally good and luxurious, while in 2012 they were not even there. Hélène was just preparing a school kit for her son, and one thought haunted her. Well, no school backpack has met the expectations of the committed mother. For this reason, the woman spontaneously prepared a design of her own backpack on the kitchen table. Then she realized her project herself and thus her son could go to school with a schoolbag, which no one was able to pass by indifferently. The proof that the project was really successful was the interest of other children and of course their parents. This is how the adventure of Jeune Premier began - the backpack for the son turned into a collection of original backpacks for children from nearby schools in Belgium. Some time later, Jeune Premier backpacks and pencil cases set off to conquer the world.

The Jeune Premier brand name perfectly reflects the character of charming mini and midi school backpacks. In Belgium, in the Flemish region, the term jeune prime minister is used to refer to a child who has attracted attention by his brilliant behavior. This is a positive term and equally positive and eye-catching are the Jeune Premier backpacks and pencil cases designed by Hélène Fransen.

The Jeune Premier backpack in its most popular form is actually a schoolbag with a stiffened back and a wide base. Very roomy and comfortable, however, it is the design of the Jeune Premier backpacks that draws the greatest attention. Both the backpacks and the Jeune Premier pencil cases are unique and perfectly fit the tastes of children up to 12 years of age. Meanwhile, the quality of Jeune Premier schoolbags attracts parents, which is why this luxury brand is so popular in the world.

The Jeune Premier school collection includes several different variants of pencil cases and backpacks. For younger children, we recommend Jeune Premier Mini backpacks because they will be more comfortable. In turn, older students will appreciate the comfort of Jeune Premier Midi backpacks. The brand's offer also includes designer sports bags and classic backpacks, including the Jeune Premier Ergomaxx backpack for special tasks. This solidly made leopard print backpack has room for all school supplies and much more, so it's also great for outings.

The Jeune Premier pencil case or the Jeune Premier backpack are school accessories that are also well known in Poland. The brand's backpacks are known primarily for their great quality and fit. Each Jeune Premier satchel has a separate space for a water bottle, adjustable arms for a perfect fit and a construction that allows for great organization of books and notebooks. In the Jeune Premier backpack, books and notebooks will not crease. The charming design of Jeune Premier backpacks is the icing on the cake of the school layette.

Hélène Fransen herself is responsible for the designs of Jeune Premier, while the rest is handled by a small team of four. Jeune Premier backpacks and pencil cases are made in Portugal and it is worth noting that the manufacturer makes every effort to ensure that the activities of the Jeune Premier brand are sustainable. Schoolbags, pencil cases and sports bags, that is, all Jeune products are made locally in the factory, where employees do not work longer than 44 hours a week. You've surely noticed that Jeune Premier backpacks are made of 100% polyester. The brand points out that it is the best material for creating backpacks because it makes them durable, durable and easy to clean. Looking at the Jeune Premier school accessories, it is impossible to disagree with this statement.

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