Kids Swimwear - Best Konges Slojd, Tiny Cottons and Tocoto Vintage costumes!

At Miss Lemonade, we are ready for the summer season and trips to sandy beaches full of sun! And you? Already have swimwear for the whole family? If not, today's text will be a great inspiration for you. We have also prepared an overview of the most beautiful and comfortable children's swimwear from well-known and popular brands: Konges Slojd, Tiny Cottons and Tocoto Vintage.

Swimwear for girls - the beach elegance of Tocoto Vintage and Konges Slojd

A badly chosen swimsuit can spoil all the joy of sunbathing for your child. Yes! Children are also demanding when it comes to clothes. It is true that most toddlers pay attention primarily to comfort, but older children will not wear a costume they do not like for any sand castles.

If you do not have time to walk around shops with a little lady or a little bachelor in search of the perfect beach outfit, choose styles that have a chance to appeal to your child. After all, you know them best. Tocoto Vintage and Konges Slojd brands have very interesting swimwear for girls. Their bathing suits are so cute that they are hard to resist, even if you are a demanding girl who is a true style expert in her baby head.

Pay attention to those muted, soft colors and cute decorations! Take a look at the cute frills that will be a favorite part of your little lady's bathing suit. The offer includes cute children's one-piece suits as well as two-piece swimwear of the same cut. All you have to do is decide what will be more comfortable for your child.

Timeless style of Bobo Choses and Tiny Cottons children's swimwear

If your toddler likes to stand out and wants to decide on his own outfit, show him the original Bobo Choses or Tiny Cottons swimsuits. In the collections of these brands you will find both delightful swimwear for girls and fantastic swimming trunks for boys. With children's themes, fun prints and bright colors, these beachwear are hard to look away from. The real argument in favor of Bobo Choses or Tiny Cottons swimwear is, of course, the convenience. Convenience, trends and style are the best combination!

Swimwear for babies - Louise Misha

From time to time you will notice a joyfully running, completely naked toddler on the beach, glad that nothing is restricting his movements. Unfortunately, this is not health for him. Every child on the beach should wear a swimsuit and wear plenty of sunscreen. Airy swimwear with a UV filter that covers most of the body is also popular with babies. We also have practical and very nice children's swimwear of this kind at Miss Lemonade. Look out for Louise Misha's collection of children's swimsuits. The aforementioned Konges Slojd brand also has great swimwear with a UV filter for babies.

What kind of swimming trunks for a boy?

It was used to say that boys are less demanding than girls when it comes to clothing. The truth is, boys want to look pretty and feel good too. Fortunately, the producers of children's fashion know this very well.

If your little one likes animal themes, check out the colorful swimwear from the Mini Rodini collection. Or maybe a young man wants to look more like his dad? Maybe he thinks 7 is already a serious age for colorful swim trunks with prints? In this case, show him the beautiful and comfortable Konges Slojd beach shorts. And if your son likes to stand out, he will surely like the most fashionable styles of the Bobo Choses brand.

Beach fashion for children - comfort, style and the best holiday memories!

There are several features of a good swimsuit - fit, quick drying and, of course, aesthetics that suit us. Swimwear has long been sewn from synthetic fabrics, as it is quick-drying and therefore the most comfortable for the beach. And since all children's swimsuits are made of synthetic fibers, you may think that it does not matter whether you buy a good swimsuit for your child or get something quickly at the Shopping Center.

As always, we encourage you to focus on quality. Swimwear for children (like those for adults), coming from fast fashion, is poorly sewn, dyed with toxic agents and will be classic for one season. If every year you wonder why the purchased costume fits you badly, it is probably not a question of the figure, but of the costume itself. It is also worth noting that swimsuits made of nylon (polyamide) have better properties than those made of polyester.

At Miss Lemonade, we support brands that create timeless collections. Even the most iconic Konges Slojd or Tocoto Vintage swimwear will be as fashionable this season as it will be next season. Because good quality and individualism will never go out of fashion! More great children's swimwear at Miss Lemonade can be found in the FASHION category.

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