Konges Slojd - a pearl of Scandinavian design

Scandinavian brand Konges Slojd quickly won the hearts of babies, children and their parents. Stylish simplicity, delicate colors, unique materials, a very wide range of products - these are just some of the advantages of this young Scandinavian brand. If you are looking for something special for a newborn, unique for a slightly older child or accessories and a small design, start by browsing the Konges Slojd brand offer. Believe me - you won't need anything else. Konges Slojd products will easily allow you to complete a layette for a newborn, complete the basic wardrobe of a child, buy toys for a gift or arrange a child's room. Konges Slojd is the perfect choice. The Danish brand Konges Slojd was founded in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breinda. The Copenhagen brand produces 100% organic baby accessories and clothing, using high-quality environmentally friendly materials. All Konges Sløjd products are organic, GOTS certified and manufactured in factories that provide employees with good working conditions. Cotton, wool and wood are Konges Slojd's preferred materials. From design to production, the brand attaches great importance to every detail, guaranteeing the exceptional quality of its products. In addition to excellent ecological references, Konges Slojd designs are Scandinavian, stylish and simple, with children's enjoyment as their ultimate goal. From baby clothes, swaddles to organic soft toys, bedding and nursery decorations, the Konges Slojd organic collection is sure to put a smile on the faces of parents and children.

Konges Slojd collections are created in small workshops where employees can enjoy good employment conditions. They also have contact with local suppliers - because when products are created with heart, the human element is as important as the end result of the work. Konges Slojd garments are made of GOTS certified organic cotton only. Each element of the collection is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Miss Lemonade's offer includes a wide range of Danish brand products. Bodysuits, jumpsuits and leggings will allow you to create charming everyday outfits. Our bestseller is soft, muslin nappies in beautiful colors, as well as unique teethers made of 100% natural, safe for babies rubber.

Konges Slojd is definitely not flashy. Clothes are produced in delicate shades, subdued colors, such clothes give a sense of elegance, peace and harmony. Among the colors used, shades of beige, pink, gray or blue dominate. Such a color combination is soothing for your child's senses during night dreams or a little nap in the middle of the day. What else besides the colors? Amazing, unique prints and patterns! Our hearts and our clients have stolen cherries and lemons (Lemon). Yes! These delicate prints make parents eagerly reach for the products of the Scandinavian brand. What else? A variety of flower combinations. Basic for babies The basis of your toddler's wardrobe. The main task of baby clothes is to provide the baby with the expected comfort while playing, learning and resting.

Basic clothing is an excellent choice for everyday use - it gives you the opportunity to put your child on "onion" and to easily combine these items of clothing with other parts of your toddler's wardrobe. Reach for items made of soft, breathable materials in subdued colors. Where to start? When searching for the most comfortable clothes for your toddler, you will quickly notice that the baby bodysuit wins all rankings among children's wardrobe items. The bodysuit is easy to put on, often produced with many helpful snaps or other solutions - e.g. with ties. An invaluable plus is that the bodysuit does not slide off the baby's tiny body and gives him a unique sense of comfort that the baby undoubtedly needs and you are definitely looking for for your baby. Body is certainly a piece of clothing that is functional and comfortable, but not boring. How to choose the right body for a toddler? First - pay attention to the fabric. Reach only for natural materials, e.g. cotton. Sometimes the material contains elastane, avoid it, but a small amount of it is sometimes unavoidable, as it allows the baby to move freely. At night, put on bright, soothing colors for your baby's senses, during the day you can choose patterns and sharper colors that will stimulate them.

If your toddler already has a bodysuit, then you can reach for bloomers. Baby bloomers are definitely a very good (and convenient!) Choice when you are going to play at the playground, nursery, or you will mess together at home. Bloomers are a reliable element of a baby's wardrobe, they allow freedom of movement, which is very important for the youngest. In addition, it is worth reaching for a toddler hat. What to pay attention to when choosing the right caps? First of all, its size and the material it is made of. A well-chosen baby hat must take into account the circumference of the baby's head, which varies depending on the age, so before buying, make the appropriate measurement, which can be made with an ordinary tailor's tape measure. It is very important that the chosen cap is not too tight. However, you have to be careful not to let it be too loose, because it will slide off the child's head or fall over the forehead and eyes. Don't forget about newborn socks. The socks must also be of good quality, because they have direct contact with the baby's skin, so the quality of the material is a very important thing. Konges Slojd offers the best bodysuits, bloomers, caps or socks.

Wyprawka dla noworodka

When completing a layette for a newborn, it's easy to fall into a shopping frenzy - especially at the beginning of the adventure under the name of "mom". Everything seems beautiful, everything we need, we buy everything with our eyes, because it seems to us that we really need to have all these things from shop windows. Well no. It is better to choose things for your baby carefully and carefully, so that something important will not be missing after his birth. There is a challenge ahead of us - we have to buy things for feeding a newborn baby, for a walk together, for sleeping, etc. P.S. Better not wait until the 9th month of pregnancy with the purchase of a layette. It's a good time to start completing once you know its gender. Let's start with the baby bibs. When your baby is drooling, breastfeeding or bottle-fed milk, and later during dinner - bibs will always come in handy. They are helpful - we have less washing of delicate clothes of the newborn. Instead, we change the bib and the clothes last longer. Remember - during the first weeks of your baby's life you will feed him several times a day, so buy a few bibs as a spare. Konges Slojd offers classic cotton bibs. You can choose between bibs put on over the head or those fastened with Velcro. The Scandinavian brand also offers a large bib - it will come in handy when the child starts eating alone at the table. If you choose a silicone bib from Konges Slojd, then you can be sure that the bib will not get wet and, in addition, this type of bib is much easier to clean than the cotton one. Enjoy your meal! What's next? Baby pacifiers. The World Health Organization and many experts recommend breastfeeding babies until they are six months old. However, breastfeeding is not always possible - young parents are then faced with the need to bottle-feed their baby, so they also have to choose the right teats. The Danish brand offers a lot of colorful teats to choose from. There are three sizes 0M, 6M and 18M. Konges produces natural rubber teats. Pssstt buy a few teats at once - little ones like to lose them. Blankets, diapers, changing mats - this is what you will surely need. The Danish brand offers timeless cotton muslin diapers. Konges diapers are perfect for covering a sleeping baby and also as a cuddly toy that makes it easier to fall asleep. These diapers are very popular in our store, because many parents give up quite expensive disposable diapers, the compositions of which contain toxic materials. It is a conscious choice, in the eco trend, because disposable diapers can decompose as long as the plastic bags we use when shopping. It is also increasingly said that this type of diaper causes abrasions and joint problems in babies. We will skip the fact that they need to be changed very often. That is why we strongly recommend choosing reusable diapers that retain their properties and color even after many washes. Now that you have chosen diapers, now it's time for a changing table. Changing mats for babies are an extremely useful element in the first months of every child's life, making it easier to care for. A newborn baby is usually changed a dozen times a day. On the market, we can find various types, changing tables, for a cot, for a chest of drawers, as well as free-standing or handy cotton ones, which can be unfolded anywhere and quickly changed the child. Changing is one of the main everyday activities in baby care, therefore a comfortable changing table significantly improves parents' everyday functioning. The Danish brand offers two types of changing mats. A functional, cotton changing pad that is foldable and fastened with a latch, so you can easily take it on a trip or fit it in a pram. The changing table is equipped with pockets in which you can easily fit everything that is necessary when changing a diaper. Thanks to the large dimensions of the changing table, you will be able to use it as long as your child uses diapers. If, however, you are looking for something for your home, choose a large, contoured changing table (60 x 50 cm). The changing pad from the Konges Slojd collection is filled with foam inside, thanks to which your baby will feel comfortable when changing the nappy. The cover can be easily removed from the pillow and washed in 40 * C.

Toys from Konges Slojd The Danish brand is not only clothing and accessories for children. The Danes also know how important fun and toys are for the youngest in this world. The creator of the brand wants children to grow up and develop surrounded by beautiful objects that will make their childhood more colorful and joyful. For this reason, we offer many unique toys that fit perfectly into the children's world. Perhaps this is where your child's favorite childhood toy is waiting for your child. The Danish brand's products are carefully selected. It is a company with a soul that puts a lot of creativity into its projects, cares about sustainable production, and treats its employees with respect. What is made of natural, carefully selected materials is definitely beautiful. They are durable and timeless, and still look noble when they age. The Danish brand has such an approach to both children's clothes and toys. Konges Slojd offers original and timeless toys that allow you to develop your imagination and creativity. Wooden blocks, music boxes, puzzles made of cards, but also cuddly toys, rattles and even a clove container - find something for your baby. The child will be delighted, he will definitely love toys from Konges. Denmark is a country where good taste is shaped from an early age. Quality, functionality and simplicity are put on a par with aesthetics - the essence of Scandinavian design. It is from these values ​​that the Konges Slojd brand was born, which is already appreciated not only in Denmark, but also in many other European countries. The company focuses on sustainable production, and with its conscious approach to fashion, so close to many Danes, it wants to infect others. Therefore, if you are just starting your adventure entitled "Parent", or you expect a family enlargement, these are all the products that your toddler needs and you can find in the Konges Slojd brand offer, which we expand each month in our Miss Lemonade store. Enjoy your shopping!

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