La tennis Bensimon - handcrafted sneakers adored by celebrities

Sneakers are a timeless type of footwear - they match dresses, jeans or summer, loose clothes. Comfortable and stylish sneakers from La tennis Bensimon have been in trend since the 1980s! What is the secret of the French brand? Which Bensimon sneakers are especially liked? Come with us to stylish France and find out why Bensimon shoes were included in the Miss Lemonade offer.

Bensimon - sneakers for lovers of style and sustainable production

Many of the world's famous and popular brands that are considered luxury use cheap production power. This means that we pay several hundred zlotys for a product that was made for the proverbial bowl of rice. Very often the high price is determined by the brand logo, not the quality of workmanship, and the entire profit goes to 1 person - the owner of the company. Why are we writing about it? Because it is worth knowing that there are still producers who combine fair production, fashion, prestige and great quality. One of such brands is the French company La Tennis Bensimon.

The times of the greatest development of the Bensimon brand fell in the 1980s. The founder of the brand - Serge Bensimon, followed the example of his grandfather, who imported used clothes from the USA to his native France after the war. In Poland, we also understand the admiration for the American fashion of the time - the clothes there were of good quality, comfortable and had a loose, eye-catching style. This quality was modeled on by Bensimon, which has been known all over the world, also in the States, for over 30 years.

Comfortable Bensimon shoes for every occasion

Bensimon began his adventure with the production of stylish sneakers, and later also fashion accessories, in Paris. The capital of fashion also became a place of production and sale of shoes that were to conquer the global market.

Children's Bensimon sneakers, as well as versions for adults, are handmade in France. The soles of Bensimon shoes are made of natural rubber, and the upper part is made of natural cotton. The sneakers are also hand dyed with non-toxic paints. Bensimon sneakers can be worn by both a little elegant woman and a lover of rebellious style. Perfect for dresses and shorts, for big outings and long walks. The undoubted advantage of this footwear is that it can be washed in a washing machine. Bensimon sneakers are so well made that they do not lose their shape and charm.

In the La Tennis Bensimon collection we are dealing with a universal cut and a collection of typical children's shoes. Children's sneakers have comfortable fasteners, as can be seen in the Bensimon Scratch or Bensimon Flo sneakers collection.

Bensimon shoes in the Miss Lemonade store

Rumor has it that Bensimon sneakers are adored by stars such as Naomi Watts and Natalie Portman. We also love them at Miss Lemonade because it's fun to sell pretty, trendy, beautifully made and sustainably produced items.

The timeless style of Bensimon shoes allows you to create tailored outfits - the whole family can equip themselves with the same type of sneakers and create photos so fashionable on Instagram, where the daughter is dressed like mom and the son is dressed like dad. Admittedly, there is something fun and cute about it at the same time.

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