Layette for a toddler - how to complete a set for a newborn?

The arrival of the longed-for baby causes emotions that cannot be compared with anything else. The time before the baby is born is taking care of the mother and completing the accessories necessary for the safe care of the baby when it arrives home. Are you preparing a list, commonly called a newborn layette? Here are some tips from Miss Lemonade!

Layette for a newborn to the hospital

The due date is always approximate, so you should be prepared for a hospital stay a few weeks before the date indicated by your doctor. You definitely need to take a towel, pajamas, basic cosmetics, hygiene products, as well as baby clothes, which are quite a lot, depending on the season. For all these accessories, and for the rest of your mother's life, you will need a functional bag of good quality. At Miss Lemonade you will find great cotton bags, such as Blossom Mist by Konges Slojd or the universal Dusty Pink Rib bag by Studio Noos. The Konges Slojd brand also offers practical, large wash bags.

The most important baby clothes are bodysuits, rompers and hats. Additional protection is needed in the first days of a child's life. Excellent bodysuits and hats can be found in the Quincy Mae collections. The woolen headgear of the Engel brand also deserves attention. Baby clothes at Miss Lemonade are made of natural materials that are hypoallergenic, soft, breathable and dyed with non-toxic paints.

Layette for a newborn - home items list

In the category of necessary home accessories, there is a practical changing table. Here, the Konges Slojd brand again offers masterful products. A great option is a folding changing table from the Changing Pad collection. You can take the changing table with you everywhere, and inside there are practical pockets for diapers, baby powder or diaper pampers.

When it comes to diapers and baby blankets, we recommend the ones made of muslin, as it is a hypoallergenic and breathable material. You can find accessories made of muslin in the offer of the Garbo & Friends brand, among others. If you browse the products of this brand, pay attention also to organic cotton bedding sets.

Among the bath accessories, it is impossible to forget about towels, of course made of cotton. We do not buy polyester accessories for babies, adults should also give up on it, at least when it comes to bedding or sleeping clothes. It is worth taking a look at cotton towels and baby bathrobes from Numero 74. They are cute, soft and have thermal properties - they protect the baby from overheating or cooling down.

The baby will want to spend as much time as possible with its parents, and to relieve the mother's shoulders a bit, it is worth equipping yourself with a baby nest and a cozy baby cocoon. You will find nests in the Konges Slojd offer, and the merino wool cocoons are in the Hvid brand. When the baby grows up, the innovative Moon Sling made of linen will be perfect for moving comfortably with the baby. Beautiful and practical - just the way we like it!

It is also worth talking a bit about pacifiers - potential carriers of phthalates. For the sake of your little one, invest in a pacifier that gives you 100% confidence in safety. We recommend Bibs Denmark teats made of natural rubber. An interesting option is also a light, cotton dummy pendant, which a slightly overgrown newborn will be eager to tug on.

A complete layette for a newborn - choose quality

Baby accessories by far exceed the level of sweetness, which is cleverly used by producers. Remember that when it comes to bedding, diapers, blankets and baby clothes, that is, anything that touches a baby's delicate skin, appearance does not count. Be careful with products sold in Shopping Malls, because high prices do not always go hand in hand with quality and safety. Read the description of each item and try to make conscious purchases.

At Miss Lemonade, we are also parents, and the products we sell in the store were selected with our children in mind. We are glad that there are still good brands that can be presented with pride and a good conscience. We are sure that good quality baby clothes will be a source of safety and comfort for your child.

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