Learning to eat by yourself with the unique Mushie tableware!

When your sweetheart starts packing their hands in the plate of food and clumsily puts them in their mouth, know that learning to eat on their own has begun! There are moments of clutter and fun. Get your confetti ready because you'll soon be cheering! In the meantime, learn how you can prepare for this period of your baby's development.

When your toddler learns to eat energetically, the environment around his chair is like a battlefield. Maybe 10% of the prepared meal goes to the mouth, but instead of mopping the floor, watch your child carefully to know when to congratulate you. Because while the whole process of learning to eat from an adult's perspective looks like playing with food, it is actually a process full of effort on the part of the child. Here you are witness to something big, so forget about dirty floor, dirty face and clothes that need to be washed immediately after 1 meal.

Modern parents can count on a lot of facilities, and the first of them is a silicone bib. By the way, silicone kitchen accessories are useful not only for children. Durable and hypoallergenic. And their cleaning - a fairy tale! These features make up the advantages of the silicone bibs offered by the Mushie brand. In a moment, even the dirtiest bib will be ready for the next use. The silicone pad on the table will be just as practical, which will not save the floor, but the table top will. At least part of him.

Tip # 1 - Keep your meal entertained. The meals should be colorful and varied because they help the child learn about the tastes. Cut the products into tiny pieces to encourage a little explorer to learn more, making his first successes a little easier.

When our little food critic learns to hit his mouth with his hand, we can move on to the next level of difficulty: the teaspoon. At this point, it is worth equipping yourself with light and child-safe cutlery, because the first uses will have little to do with eating. The Mushie plastic cutlery set for learning how to eat independently is a safe and practical solution. Silicone or plastic cups are also a very nice accessory, which, even during the most severe maneuvers, will not hurt the child: if they fall on the floor, they will not break.

Tip # 2 - First meals with cutlery will require your help. Otherwise, your beloved toddler may be happy, but unfortunately also hungry. Eating 2 tablespoons is the norm when learning to eat.

Over time, you will notice how a disturbing baby turns into an elegant baby who devours his meals until it's nice. Before this happens, however, it takes a little patience and creativity to interest and encourage your child to learn. The producers of Mushie are well aware of this because they are loving parents themselves. Mushie accessories were designed to offer their children the best. As a result, unique Scandinavian-style cutlery and toys were created, which are aesthetic, practical and safe at the same time. Moreover, they have really good prices!

Mushie also offers silicone teethers and beautiful bead pendants that arouse the interest of young explorers. Silicone teethers are an absolute hit when it comes to massage your baby's gums. Hypoallergenic, easy to clean, without harmful phthalates, and at the same time so pleasant to the touch that children love to use them.

The Miss Lemonade team wishes you a lot of fun!

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