You may have noticed a recurring trend where things that are convenient and practical are best. More and more influencers talk off uncomfortable clothes, and we have prepared something special for all parents who care for young children. Because comfort is the key to the well-being of the whole family!

Liewood's silicone, wood and cotton collections are practical and fascinating. It is difficult to choose only certain products instead of the entire collection, but you certainly do not need all the items. Therefore, we have prepared a small list of recommended Liewood children's accessories for you. We hope you like it!

A kitchen without silicone accessories is a defective kitchen! If you have plastic containers at home, of course it makes no sense to throw them away, but in the future it is definitely worth switching to silicone containers and accessories. Temperature-resistant, easy to clean and non-toxic - perfect!

When it comes to silicone kitchen accessories for kids, the Liewood brand has everything imaginable. Plates, cups, straws, cutlery, containers, cups, bowls and organizers - with such a layette from Liewood, every toddler will safely learn the art of independent eating.

You need to take care of your teeth, even if they are only temporary milk teeth. As a rule, children are not interested in constant activities, known to adults in the form of duties. Also, very young children do not understand what brushing their teeth is all about. So when mommy or daddy starts brushing their teeth, it is worth taking the toddler to the bathroom and handing him a silicone finger brush. The child will be able to imitate the parent's movements and massage his gums at the same time. This evening routine will begin to associate well with your child, which will make them happy to repeat it!

W silikonowych zabawkach najlepsze jest to, że można je do woli gryźć i smakować, co jak wiemy, jest jednym z głównych zajęć małych dzieThe best thing about silicone toys is that you can chew and taste them at will, which, as we know, is one of the main activities of young children. After all, this is how they get to know the world, and in addition, itchy gums can be really bothersome!

Silicone is a hypoallergenic material, good for the environment and safe for humans. There is a reason why silicone containers and various accessories, including toys for children, have become so fashionable. The Liewood dental kit is extremely interesting, but it is worth mentioning that it is not the only smart toy for children in the brand's offer. See for yourself, all products can be found in the BRANDS - LIEWOOD W końcu w ten sposób poznają świat, a w dodatku swędzące dziąsła potrafią być naprawdę uciążliwe!

Silikon jest materiałem hipoalergicznym, dobrym dla środowiska i bezpiecznym dla ludzi. Nie bez powodu tak modne stały się silikonowe pojemniki i rozmaite akcesoria, w tym zabawki dla dzieci. Zestaw dentystyczny Liewood jest szalenie interesujący, ale warto wspomnieć, że to niejedyna inteligentna zabawka dla dzieci w ofercie marki. Zobaczcie sami, wszystkie produkty znajdziecie w zakładce MARKI — LIEWOOD.

The spring and summer season in Poland is as capricious as a three-year-old in a bad mood. Rainy and cool days are unfortunately the majority, especially in everyday life of families living near the Baltic Sea. Therefore, comfortable children's rain boots are a practical and recommended purchase, for virtually all seasons except winter. It is worth mentioning that Liewood rain boots are made of natural rubber, so there is no plastic or toxic substances here.

There is nothing like a swimming pool! Because maybe summer in Poland is also short and capricious, but when the heat days come, you don't know what to do with yourself. The owners of garden pools are the lucky ones. And if you don't have that option, nothing is lost. After all, there are still vacations by the lake and the sea. On this occasion, it is also worth thinking about the little ones, and this is where Liewood children's pools come in handy. Practical, non-toxic, perfect for use on the beach, in the garden and even on the balcony! Just remember about an umbrella to protect your bathing child from the sun!

The Liewood aquatic collection also includes swimming wheels for the whole family, water mattresses (in the shape of animals - they're awesome!), Swimming sleeves and absolutely amazing beach toys. We can assure you that thanks to Liewood, the whole family will get involved in making sand cakes!

If you are the parents of a child of several months, learning to walk is still ahead of you. A stroller for toddlers (the manufacturer says that for children up to 12 months of age) will be a great support for toddlers taking their first steps. In the original stroller, children can carry their treasures, which they will surely like. And when the toddler grows out of the stroller, it can become a great decoration for a room or serve as a support for another baby.

The Liewood brand from Denmark is known primarily for silicone accessories for children. However, this is the tip of an innovative approach to design and sales. Because you know, the vast majority of clothing manufacturers cannot count on the ecological Nobel Prize, and not because it does not exist. In the approach of large and well-known companies, a lot has to change so that their products are not so destructive for the environment and for us, people. Meanwhile, small, sustainable companies like Liewood combine the will to make money with common sense. Thanks to this, the company's customers can buy things made of natural materials, non-toxic and those whose production does not completely destroy the natural environment around.

Established in 2015, the Liewood brand is popular in Poland, but a niche, compared to, for example, chain stores in shopping malls. Liewood is a quality that will steal your hearts. More about the Liewood brand in the next post!

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