Little Creative Factory presents its latest collection inspired by dreamers. It is based on a series of miraculous oversized costumes. It is a collection that stands out with its simplicity and elegance.

It promotes the "less is more" maxim and attaches special attention to detail. Each of them is a small piece of art, a valuable item personalizing the beauty of natural and noble materials. Once again, the silhouettes of new collection are inspired by the past, unique designs of dresses and aprons and Japanese influences related to the introduction of new designs such as tunics and kimonos. Besides black and white tones, colors that are strongly associated with the brand, the autumn – winter 2018 collection includes a range of other colours which shed new light on the way it is perceived. Among them we can find copper, grey anthracite and green palette.

When it comes to accessories, Little Creative Factory has joined forces with Vialis shoes designer from Barcelona to provide small dreamers with traditional and characteristic products of the highest quality. Both brands speak the same language of simplicity, elegance and creativity.

„Be yourself. Always. Use your wings, fly, dream. Attitude makes all the difference".


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